How to Get the Most Value from Your DVC Points

A common question our team gets from prospective or new DVC Members is, “How can I get the most value from my points?” Our latest Episode of the World of DVC Show answers this question in Episode 30.

Let’s explore three strategies you can use to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Disney Vacation Club Membership!



Value Strategy #1 – Use Your DVC Points at DVC Resorts

The easiest way to get the most value from your Disney Vacation Club points is to use them exclusively at DVC resorts! Let’s say you’ve read our Best Economical DVC Resorts to Purchase article and purchased a 160-point contract at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows at $154 per point. Every time you book a vacation over the life of that contract, it would cost you approximately $11.62 per point.

With the cost of your points determined, let’s book a stay at the Polynesian! If you booked a Lake View Deluxe Studio for December 16th through 23rd, you would use 162 points. Using your per point cost, you would be “spending” $1,882.44 to book this vacation, ($11.62 x 162 points). If you booked this same villa with cash through Disney, it would cost you $9,772. By using a Disney Vacation Club contract, you’re looking at a cost savings of $7,889.56!

Think of how many times you could do the Cookie Stroll at EPCOT with that money…

Value Strategy #2 – Rent Out Your DVC Points

Your DVC points have value, even if you aren’t the one using them! If you’re looking at the calendar for next year and decide not to book a trip with your Disney Vacation Club points, you can rent them to another Disney fan. This allows you to trade your points for cash!

Let’s do the math on this one using that same Polynesian contract we talked about in the last example. Currently, our team at DVC Rental Store are paying DVC Members that own at Polynesian $18 per point for bookings made 7-11 months out. If you decided to rent out all 160 points, your rental income would be $2,880. Factoring in the cost of each point over the life of your contract ($11.62 per point), you would make a net profit of $1020.80 by renting out your points.

Those funds could be used to pay for household expenses or your park tickets for a future vacation (at a discount with DVC Resale Market)!

Value Strategy #3 – Swap Your DVC Points

Did you know that you can swap out your DVC points and use them to book another wonderful vacation? Our team at DVC Rental Store has a wide range of vacations included in their Point Swap Program! On this month’s episode of the World of DVC Show, we chatted with our friend Roxanne Steel, who has swapped her points to book two of them.

First, Roxanne rented out her points to book a vacation at Universal Studios Orlando. By renting out 100 points, she was able to pay for a two-night, club-level stay at Hard Rock Hotel and enjoy front-of-the-line luxury with Express Pass!

For her second vacation, Roxanne decided to relax and renew at our Beaches & Dreams House on Anna Maria Island. This stay was made possible by her renting out 600 points with DVC Rental Store. If she would have used her Membership to book a cabin at Copper Creek or a Grand Villa at Grand Floridian, it would have cost her around 1,000 points. What a savings for an amazing vacation!

Looking to book another type of Disney vacation? You can use DVC Rental Store’s Swap Program to book a vacation with Disney Cruise Line or Adventures by Disney! Members that choose this route save 50-75% off Disney Vacation Club’s posted points charts, and they are not charged the $95 exchange rate.

If you’re ready to become a Disney Vacation Club Member and see the value of using your points, check out our listings!


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