San Fransokyo Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Disneyland Resort just revealed the grand opening for its Pacific Wharf re-theming. You’re in for a pleasant surprise, as San Fransokyo is arriving sooner than you think!

About San Fransokyo 

During the D23 Expo 2022, Disney revealed that it would convert the former Pacific Wharf-themed area of Disney California Adventure (DCA) into something more fitting. Park officials needed to change this section to bring it in line with the current re-theming of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

That resort is converting to Disney’s Pixar Pier Hotel, a transformation that should complete by 2024. However, the Pacific Wharf change is coming even earlier!

Disney confirmed on Monday, February 20th, that the new themed land, San Fransokyo Square, will debut during the summer of 2023! The blog didn’t state an exact opening date, but a summer debut is well ahead of even the most ambitious projections for this re-theme. In fact, it’s remarkable that Disney can change Pacific Wharf so much faster than Paradise Pier Hotel.

Disney Parks Blog

What to Expect at San Fransokyo

What should you expect at San Fransokyo Square? Have you watched Big Hero Six or any of the Baymax-related spinoffs on the Disney Channel and Disney+? 

Yes, Imagineers will bring the madcap adventures of Baymax and his human, Hiro, to life with this authentic recreation of their world. The core concept of San Fransokyo marries the look and style of two metropolitan areas, Tokyo and San Francisco, into a single place in the “not-too-distant future.” 

Disney explains the premise as a time after fishing canneries fell on hard times. So, the city reinvented itself with shops and restaurants by the bay. You can guess Disney’s plan here. 

San Fransokyo Square will work like other Pixar Neighborhoods at DCA. It’ll emphasize shopping and dining while offering a few character interactions. Disney has constructed the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge, which will be the attention-grabbing landmark here. It’ll stretch all the way to the Paradise Gardens Park obelisk. 

A permanent Baymax character greeting will reside at the south end of San Fransokyo. However, all the current Pacific Wharf restaurants will remain open during the transition. Later, the Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería and adjoining beer garden will provide new opportunities to dine and drink beer by the bay. 

More importantly, when Disney fans gaze upon the former Pacific Wharf waters of DCA this summer, they’ll see the pinnacle of believable science fiction with San Fransokyo Square. Here’s a shot from Big Hero 6 to remind you of the beauty of San Fransokyo:

You can see more pictures on the official Parks Blog. Disney’s social media will likely include numerous other updates during the next few months until San Fransokyo opens. The visual splendor of the place will redefine this part of DCA.

About the Disneyland Road Map 

This unexpected development provides more reasons to visit Disneyland Resort during the Disney100 event. We now know most of the essential dates at the parks over the next year.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway is already up and running and wowing guests. Most of the opinions I’ve heard from fans suggest it’s even better than the one at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I’m inclined to agree due to the superior line queue. 

Runaway Railway technically opened before the reopening of Mickey’s Toontown, which occurs next month. Disney recently delayed that return due to inclement weather. Park officials had scheduled the reopening for March 8th but later pushed it back until March 19th

Then, San Fransokyo opens this summer along with the Baymax character greeting. Soon afterward, The Villas at Disneyland Hotel will debut as well. 

Disney has indicated a grand opening during the second half of 2023. I’ve got friends who monitor Disney parks and resorts for construction. They’re telling me that even though the scrims remain, the exterior is mostly done. 

However, the interior still needs plenty of work. My guess – and I want to stress that’s all it is – would have Disney Vacation Club sales starting over the next few months for a late fall/early winter hotel opening. 

Also Coming Soon to Disneyland Resort 

Then, at some point in 2024, Pixar Pier Hotel will replace of Paradise Pier Hotel. As the name suggests, the new theming will highlight all things Pixar. It’ll even have the ball from Luxo Jr. as one of its most memorable landmarks, which is fitting since it’s been an Easter egg in every Pixar film.

These changes will happen as Downtown Disney continues reinventing itself with new dining experiences. Din Tai Fung, Paseo and Centrico, and Porto’s Bakery and Café should all debut during the next 18 months. 

By the end of next year, Downtown Disney should possess an entirely new look, just as we witnessed with Disney Springs a few years ago. Disney has reclaimed former space from the AMC 12-screen theater here and plans a substantial expansion in stores and restaurants. 

So, the Disneyland we’ve known our entire lives will get even better by the end of 2024. And San Fransokyo is coming in just a few months!

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