Selling Disney Vacation Club? Check the “DVC Resale Broker Price Opinion Tool”

One of the first questions you may have if you are considering selling your Disney Vacation Club Membership is how much is it worth?  Regardless of who you sell it through or who you sell it to, I highly recommend using the patent pending DVC Resale Broker Price Opinion Tool (serial no. 62/439,547).   This tool is an analytical model that takes into account the resort, the size of the contract (i.e., how many points come each use year), current point availability (i.e., how many points are banked, current and borrowed) and various anomalies such as an extended contract or dues being subsidized.   While, the tool cannot be used as a guarantee of a sales price it should provide a good approximation of what price the DVC Reale Market would list your contract at.  Moreover, for any seller that is quoted or offered something very different from what this tool suggests it should give the seller reason to pause, and ask for additional opinions of their DVC contract’s value.

Importantly, the price opinion provided is independent and non-bias.  It does not take into consideration if the person inquiring about selling is a DVC veteran or novice, and it doesn’t take into consideration if you are a buyer curious to know what to offer or if you are a seller wanting to know the value.  I believe this gives everyone more knowledge, and helps prevent anyone from being taken advantage of in the open market.

A screen shot of the DVC Resale Broker Price Opinion Tool is below:

Screenshot for 1.16 update



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