The 5 Biggest Myths about DVC Resale

Our team of 15 Sales Associates , myself included, often get asked a lot of questions regarding the difference between Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and DVC Resale. Sometimes those questions are confirming what someone has heard or read about DVC, and the accuracy of what we are asked to substantiate can vary greatly. Some statements are factual and some statements, well, let’s just say there’s a lot of misunderstanding and/or misinformation out there in the public domain.

The DVC Resale Market Team, comprised exclusively of former DVC Guides, was recently polled about the most common “false truths” they are asked about, and as a result, below we ranked the top 5 most common myths about DVC Resale.

5 Biggest Myths about DVC Resale

Myth 1: I Cannot Book my Home Resort at the 11 Month Window

We rated this statement “Completely False.” Whether you purchase resale or direct, you have the same 11-month Home Resort Priority or same privilege to make a reservation at your Home Resort at the 11-month booking window.

Myth 2: I Can Only Use Points at My Home Resort

We rated this statement “Mostly False”. For those that buy Disney’s Riviera Resort resale and future DVC Resorts, this is true. However, currently, there are 15 DVC Resorts that can be purchased and Riviera is the only resort this applies to. When buying any of the Classic 14 DVC Resorts via resale, you can use those points at any of the Classic 14 DVC Resorts.

Myth 3: I Cannot Use Interval International, also Known as the World Collection

We rated this statement “Completely False.” Whether you purchase resale or direct, as a DVC Member you get to enjoy the same 3,200 resort locations in more than 90 countries around the world through Interval International, or what is commonly called the World Collection.

Myth 4: Direct Members receive 1st Choice on Making Reservations

We rated this statement “Completely False”. There is no truth to this statement. Additionally, the logistics of this would be extremely challenging if not almost impossible. While this myth is similar to Myth #1, lack of home resort booking window, where it differs is this myth includes the perception that there is almost a secondary inventory resale Members are left with after all direct Members have made their reservations regardless of when the direct Member makes the reservation.

Myth 5: I Cannot Use the Disney Team of Member Service Representatives

We rated this statement “Completely False.” Disney’s team of wonderful Member Service representatives are available to anyone who joins DVC, regardless of whether they are a direct or resale DVC Member. And U.S. members have access to the same toll-free number, 7 days a week for their membership needs.

Boulder Ridge Disney Vacation Club Sign

Not every myth could make the top 5, but there were several honorable mentions:

  • You receive fewer years on the deed when you buy resale: False
  • You will not be treated the same as direct members by DVC/Disney employees. False
  • If I did a tour at DVC, they will automatically buy back any resale I try to purchase: False
  • If you buy direct, Disney will always buy back your contract at the current price they are selling the resort for: False
  • You cannot get an assigned DVC Sales Guide when you buy resale: False

The Truth Chart

After discussing so many myths, it might be helpful to see a breakdown of what is factual when distinguishing between a resale and direct purchase. Please see The Truth Chart below:

Description  Resale Direct
Likely to Save 20-50% off the Price of Membership yes no
Possible to Purchase a Subsidized Dues Contract* yes no
Possible to Finance the Purchase with No Credit Check yes no
Receive a Member ID Number yes yes
Official Member yes yes
Can Become New DVC Member with Fewer than 150 Points yes no
You Receive All Remaining Years on the Deed yes yes
Can Rent / Transfer Points yes yes
Can Sell Membership yes yes
Can Will Membership to Heirs yes yes
Overnight Parking Fees Covered Through Dues yes yes
Disney on Property Complimentary Transportation yes yes
Resort Package Delivery yes yes
Resort Room Charging Privileges yes yes
Possible to Refinance DVC Contract via Monera Financial yes no
Can Use Same DVC Member Website yes yes
Eligible to Choose Whatever DVC Resort and/or Use Year yes no
Eligible to add Resale DVC Points Anytime in Future yes yes
Able to Bank and Borrow Points yes yes
Access to Member Services yes yes
Ability to Book Home Resort at 11 Month Window yes yes
Online Member Account yes yes
Eligible for Extra Magic Hours yes yes
Eligible for Member Cruises (can only use direct points) no yes
Access to all DVC Member lounges** no yes
Ability to Book Interval International (World Collection yes yes
Ability to Book Disney Collection no yes
Ability to Book Disney Cruises for Less via DVCRentalStore “swap program” yes yes
Ability to Book Adventures By Disney for Less via DVCRentalStore “swap program” yes yes
Ability to purchase DVC anytime if non-U.S. resident yes no
Receive All Incidental Benefits ** no yes
Ability to Book All 14 Classic DVC Resorts*** yes yes

*Subsidized dues contracts are available for Aulani and Vero Beach.  **Eligible for new members with 150 points purchased direct. *** Disney’s Riviera Resort when purchased resale can only be used to book stays at Riviera.

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