The BEST DVC Resort to Own for the Network User Is…

The outside of DVC's Saratoga Springs

Disney’s Saratoga Springs followed closely by Disney’s Bay Lake Tower.  But first, I should probably define a “network user”.  This would be the DVC Member who will often use a variety of different DVC Resorts and may use points to do one of the many RCI Resorts as well.  This is the member who would say Home Resort Priority is not that critical because they stay at so many different resorts anyway.

We often get asked the question if I do not care about Home Resort Priority then which Disney Vacation Club Resort should I buy?

To properly look at this one should consider three different factors that determine economic value: years left on the deed, price to purchase and dues.  In the chart below, each resort is evaluated to determine its price per point per year based on all three factors.


Average Cost Per Point

Years Left

Cost Per Point Per Year

Dues Per Point

Total Cost Per Point Per Year

Saratoga Springs $78 40 $1.95 $4.91 $6.86
Bay Lake Tower $104 46 $2.26 $4.78 $7.04
Old Key West (Extended) $78 43 $1.81 $5.54 $7.35
Grand Californian $134 46 $2.91 $4.94 $7.85
Animal Kingdom $81 43 $1.88 $5.97 $7.85
Old Key West $71 28 $2.54 $5.54 $8.08
Grand Floridian $135 50 $2.70 $5.41 $8.11
Hilton Head $61 28 $2.18 $6.25 $8.43
Aulani $98 48 $2.04 $6.44 $8.48
Wilderness Lodge $79 28 $2.82 $5.93 $8.75
Boardwalk $81 28 $2.89 $6.01 $8.90
Beach Club $95 28 $3.39 $5.79 $9.18
Vero Beach $48 28 $1.71 $7.75 $9.46
* Dues per point based on 2014 Calender Year
* Average cost per point based on average asking price on DVC resale market September ’14


After evaluating the different resorts one can see that Saratoga Springs and Bay Lake Tower stand out from the rest at around $7 per point.  Moreover, you can use this data to analyze many Disney Vacation Club options.  For example, if you were to book a room as a member using 15 points and you are a Saratoga Springs owner, effectively you can say it costs me around 15 points x $6.86 = $103 per night.  Not a bad price for a Deluxe Disney Resort!

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  • Matt
    February 22, 2015

    If I am mixing points from two different contracts to book a room for a week do i need to make two separate reservations or would it be just one?

    • Nick Cotton
      February 22, 2015

      If it is two different contracts in the same membership then you do not have to make separate reservations. If the contracts are in different memberships then transfer the points first and then make the reservation and it can still be one reservation.

  • Amber
    October 23, 2014

    Great spreadsheet! Thanks for the information! 🙂

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