Tips for Saving on DVC Membership Dues

You’ve got approximately six weeks of shopping days until Christmas, which is stressful enough on its own. Then, assuming you’re anything like me, you’ll face the concern that you’ve overspent on your holiday shopping.

For Disney Vacation Club members, this worry is that much worse because we all know what’s lurking in mid-January. That’s when you pay annual dues. As if those January credit card bills aren’t troublesome enough, you get that double whammy.

Well, let’s get out in front of the problem this year. Here are a few tips for saving on DVC annual dues. You’ll want to pay particular attention to this when Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals arrive. 

How to Hack Disney Gift Cards

Here’s the best way to gain a discount on your annual dues. I must warn you that it’ll require some effort, though. 

Throughout the year, stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Amazon will offer deals on gift cards. For example, during a recent Amazon Prime Day Deal, you could get 20 percent discounts on various gift cards

I’m using this as an example because Amazon typically doesn’t sell Disney gift cards, but you can understand the strategy anyway. You CAN use Disney gift cards and Disney Reward Dollars to pay your annual dues. I did both this year.

Your best opportunity for this discount will be at Target. During the holiday season, Target will inevitably discount all its gift cards. Typically, the deal is for up to 12 percent off the price of a card. So, you gain $100 in gift credit for $88. Those numbers scale, although Target sometimes limits the number of gift cards or the total amount of gift credit you can purchase. 

Another great example is at Sam’s Club. You can currently get $200 in gift cards for only $180. Sam’s Club does normally limit these deals to 2 per membership.

Those of you who pay attention this holiday season can find ways to maximize this advantage. Also, since you must pay the annual dues anyway, you’re thinking ahead by acquiring these discounts. Each small amount of savings gradually reduced your actual financial output for your DVC maintenance fees. 

PS: The other thing you can do isn’t sexy, but it is effective. When loved ones ask if you have a gift card preference, you can say Disney. Then, you can take those gift cards and apply them to your annual dues.

No, that’s not the greatest holiday gift. We’re adults, though. We know the frustration of paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for maintenance fees in January, which is basically the worst time of the year for that bill to come due. A little holiday pragmatism might not be as fun at Christmas/Hanukkah, but you’ll appreciate it in mid-January when you pay your annual dues.

How to Maximize Chase Visa Disney Credit Card Rewards

I recognize that credit cards have evolved into a divisive topic for many. Yes, when you charge something to a credit card, you will pay interest fees. So, if you don’t pay off your bill in a timely manner, you’re subject to those fees plus potential late fees. 

According to, the average interest rate right now is 24.46 percent. So, this suggestion comes with the assumption that you can and will pay your credit card bills quickly.

Presuming that’s true, you’ll discover that the Chase Visa Disney Credit Card is ideal for Disney fans. For everyone else, it’s rather blah, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Still, for people like you and me, this credit card comes with myriad benefits. For starters, you get to choose from one of many designs. I have the Fireworks Castle card, and I cannot tell you how many times someone at a store or restaurant has complimented me on it. Still, you shouldn’t make financial decisions based on kind words from strangers.

As a DVC member, the reason you’ll love this card is that it entitles you to a discount at ShopDisney and many Walt Disney World stores and restaurants. Disney also knows its target audience here and offers zero-percent financing for six months on Disney vacations. 

Most importantly, the card offers a minimum of one percent in cash back for most purchases. The Disney Premier Visa doubles that two percent. After every monthly credit card statement, your Disney Rewards balance will update to reflect your Disney Rewards Dollars. You can use these to pay for your annual dues! 

If you just don’t spend your Disney Rewards Dollars until January, you’ll discover that you can cover much or possibly even all your annual dues. I did this at the start of the year, so I can confirm it works. 

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