Two Disneyland Shows Are Ending Soon

Disney theme parks are finalizing plans for the next few months…and few years. Park officials just announced the end date for two Disneyland shows, while Orlando demolition crews took out a beloved structure and a restaurant. Let’s talk about changes coming to the Happiest and Most Magical Places on Earth!

They Won’t Even Last through Labor Day!

Generally, Disney park planners try to keep attractions running through the holidays. Then, soon afterward, anything on the chopping block gets the ax.

This year, Disneyland isn’t waiting around for Labor Day Weekend crowds to go away. After all, management knows that crowds will remain steady throughout the year. For this reason, we just learned the surprising end date for two nighttime presentations.

Disneyland Forever, the fireworks presentation at the park, will end on September 1st, right before the holiday weekend.

Similarly, Disneyland will truncate the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Main Street Electrical Parade. That show also ends on September 1st.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Presumably, Disney wants all the attention focused on Haunted Mansion Holiday, which arrives on September 2nd.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Park officials will switch Disneyland to its Halloween look before Labor Day this year! The bummer here – other than the loss of the Main Street Electrical Parade – is that all the 50th-anniversary treats and merchandise will leave when the show ends. You’ll want to act quickly if you have a hankering for something!

A Big Week for Demolition Fans

Disney must have had some sort of buy one, get one free offer on demolition this week. In an odd bit of timing, demolition crews wrecked two different Walt Disney World locations.

The first victim may bring a tear to your eye. After many years of service, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror sign on World Drive has left us. Disney built this eye-catching sign during the mid-1990s to draw attention to the E-ticket attraction. The strategy worked, as many longtime Disney fans grew emotional as the demolition work began.

Thankfully, Disney confirmed that the ride itself isn’t going anywhere. Instead, the teardown reflects that the sign had malfunctioned beyond any hope of repair. For many of us, this sign comes with treasured memories:

Now, the area looks like this:

Another demolition update may sadden fans of Disney’s BoardWalk Villas…and not that many other people. For whatever reason, ESPN Club never appealed to casual Disney fans. So during the pandemic, management chose to close it forever.

Earlier this week, Disney started tearing the place down. In a weird bit of timing, the Parks Blog posted this:

However, the new BoardWalk Deli isn’t the replacement for ESPN Club. Instead, Disney will open The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers in 2023. Unless they sell fried cheese and have 50 HDTVs inside the restaurant, this won’t help me at all.

Car Locator Is Coming!

Have you ever roamed aimlessly in a parking lot, desperately searching for your car? Do you hit that stupid chirping button on your car remote, hoping against all hope that you’ll hear the sound of your car? Trust me. We’ve all been there. It’s a standard part of a theme park visit.

Unless you take a picture of where you park or text your family the spot, you’re likely to forget. It’s human nature. Disney knows this and is finally ready to do something about it. Soon, the My Disney Experience app will add Car Locator.

This service…does exactly what it sounds like. Once you’ve parked, you’ll open the app. Then, it’ll register your location and store that information. Later, when you’ve completed your park visit, My Disney Experience will display directions that will take you directly to your car!

The only downside is that Car Locator can’t help you if you can’t find your keys. Ah well.

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