What Are Double Point Contracts?

Disney's Grand Floridian

At DVC Resale Market, we pride ourselves on having a vast inventory of Disney Vacation Club contracts, so that any Disney fan can find the perfect one for their family. If you’ve been on our site in recent months, you might have come across some listings with an interesting feature – double points.

What Does It Mean When a Contract is Listed as “Double Points”?

Each year, Disney Vacation Club Members receive a certain amount of points to book their vacations. Sometimes, they are unable to use all of their points in a given year, so they bank them into the next one. Double Point Contracts are those where the DVC Member has not used any of their points from a previous year. 

For example, if a Member has a 250 point contract and they are unable to use any of their points, they will bank them and have 500 points to use the next year. So the buyer would start their purchase out with 2 years worth of points! 

Why Are Double Point Contracts a Great Value?

Double Point Contracts are a great value for two reasons. First, you can start your Membership with a larger pool of points! Use these extra points to book a longer stay, enjoy larger accommodations, or go on multiple vacations throughout the year.

Don’t think you’ll be able to use all those points? Rent them out with our friends at DVC Rental Store and use that income to pay your Annual Dues! Did you know that DVC Rental Store pays up to $19 per point depending on the resort and rental timeframe?

Second, buyers benefit from Double Point Contracts because they receive double the points without paying double the Annual Dues! The seller would have already paid the Annual Dues for the points they banked, so you would only be responsible for the upcoming year’s dues. It’s almost like getting extra points for free!

If you think a Double or Triple-Point contract is the perfect deal for your family, head to our listings and select “Double Points” or “Triple Points” from the “Status” drop-down menu!


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