When Are the Best Times to Book DVC in 2025?

We’ve entered April 2024, which opens the DVC booking window into early March 2025. So, now seems like the right to ask the big question. When are the best times to book a DVC stay at Walt Disney World in 2025?

The Week of January 8th

runDisney thoughtfully announced some of its early 2025 events. Since many DVC members have joined the program specifically for races, January 8th, 2025, is the first date you must know. That’s when Disney hosts the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

This event can be considered the “classic” runDisney race for the year. Members of the Sensational Six will host most of the events, so you should expect to encounter those characters during your races. Disney will host four different races, and you can also claim medals for the two metas, the Dopey Challenge and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge. 


Technically, we’re already within the 11-month booking window for this runDisney option. So, if you haven’t booked yet, you should start soon. The options at the seven-month window will be slim and likely to sell quickly. 

The Week of February 22nd

Another runDisney event occurs from February 22nd through February 26th. That’s when the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex hosts the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. 

Should you spend this week at Walt Disney World, you’ll encounter large crowds. I say this because runDisney events usually pack the parks. 

Also, February 17th, 2025, is President’s Day. So, potential tourists will have double the reasons to travel. 

Even by runDisney standards, the Princess events are beloved and wildly popular. With the national holiday providing extra vacation, you should prioritize booking this date as soon as you can, which may be right now!

Early April

For many years now, I’ve tracked Disney wait times. I can tell you that the data from March 2024 was among the oddest I’ve ever tracked.

I say that because the gap between Spring Break/Easter and the rest of March was the most significant one in years. During the weeks of Spring Break and Easter, Walt Disney World crowds swarmed the parks. During the week in between those dates, the attraction wait times were modest and reasonable. 

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

In 2025, Easter arrives later on the calendar on April 25th as opposed to March 31st this year. That space between Spring Break and Easter affords adults a rare opportunity. Presuming that you don’t have school-aged children, you can visit Disney at a time when it’s not hot yet, and the crowds are smaller than usual. Take full advantage!


Booking a Walt Disney World vacation is a game within a game. You must consider factors such as crowds, weather, temperatures, and park events. 

A new attraction like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure or Tron Lightcycle / Run will attract more tourists, and EPCOT festivals do the same. Conversely, rainy weather and scorching temperatures will either drive guests away or reduce your enjoyment during a park visit. 

Generally, Disney doesn’t introduce its new E-ticket attractions until Memorial Day or later. Similarly, the blistering summer heat rarely arrives in mid-May, but the constant rain showers are more of an April problem. Finally, school remains in session, preventing families with school-aged children from traveling to Disney.

For these reasons, a mid-May visit represents a sweet spot on the Disney calendar. It’s a time when you’ll probably like the weather and love the attraction wait times. Plus, Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane prices should be lower, as management sets the prices based on projected crowd size.

Late August

I realize that many of you will visit during Spring Break, major holidays, the summer, and late December. That’s because families have the easiest times booking those trips.

As such, I’m recommending some other options for 2025. Specifically, I consider late August an excellent time for a Disney vacation. 

Barring something unforeseen, you’ll still find the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival ongoing. But Disney will also start its Halloween festivities. In 2023, some of the decorations went live in late July and most were up by mid-August.

Similarly, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party started on August 11th in 2023. We don’t have 2024 dates yet, but I’d expect DVC members to have a couple of options during a late August visit. 

September represents an even better time to visit from a DVC Points Chart perspective. However, I presume you know that trick by now. Also, Disney lowers the cost in September because school is back in session, reducing the number of potential tourists. 

While most schools will be back by late August, some lucky parents could probably make this time work. At a minimum, it’s an ideal travel period for adults traveling without children.

Early December

I swear by this timeframe as a rule. After years of research, I can attest that Disney crowds peak during Thanksgiving Week. Then, you’ll find a lull until the 12 Days of Christmas start around December 20th.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

That lull provides you with a glorious opportunity to celebrate the holidays at Disney, but you won’t fight gigantic holiday crowds. Traveling in early December is like the tourism equivalent of hiding in plain sight. You wouldn’t expect this strategy to pay dividends, but it does. 

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