When I Add On Points to a Different Resort Do I Now Have Booking Priority at Both Resorts?

DVC - Disney Vacation Club Beach

The answer is yes.  However, you must be careful as sometimes members will assume this means they have Home Resort Priority (HRP) with all the points at both resorts and that is not true.  For example, lets say you own 100 Points at Beach Club and then you add on 100 Points at Boardwalk.  Together you have 200 Points in the membership and you can book any Disney Vacation Club 7 months and within with all 200 Points.  And you can book the Worldpassport Collection (RCI) with all 200 Points.  But if you wanted to book Beach Club 11 months in advance, lets say for Food and Wine Season (during which season HRP is critical), you would only have the 100 Points at Beach Club to do that with.   And if you were wanting perhaps a One-Bedroom Villa during October for a week that would be a problem.

Nevertheless, don’t fear as with Disney Vacation Club you can do a little B & B.  Lets say one year you wanted to stay at Beach Club and the next year you wanted to stay at Boardwalk.  You could bank, have the current year’s points and even borrow if necessary and even a 100 Point Beach Club contract turns into 300 Beach Club HRP Points that can be used to book 11 months in advance.  Moreover, it doesn’t mean you don’t vacation next year because you still have those Boardwalk Points.


So is it a good idea to stay with the same Home Resort or get as many different Resorts as possible?  Really, it depends.  If you are someone who needs really big accommodations like the size of Grand Villas and you tend to go during peak times of the year you may want to stick with the same Resort.  However, if you are someone that either likes to hop around, comes off-season or doesn’t require the larger accommodations you might like to diversify your Disney Vacation Club portfolio and Add On Points from various Resorts.


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