Absolutely Amazing!! In just about 36 hours my husband and I inquired about selling our membership, listed and got the call someone agreed to purchase! Customer service was amazing and so quick and efficient! So very happy!!
- Tiffany L.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
Install the app! Last year, we added a contract through DVC Resale Market. It was so easy! When we decided to add more points this year, we were looking for a specific number of points at a specific price. Rather than checking the site every day, I installed the free app. Bingo! Up popped a brand new contract that met our needs! We are adding on again!
- Sue S.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
I could not be more pleased with my experience with DVC Resale Market. They walked me carefully through the entire process, and it could not have been easier. They had a buyer in less than a week, and while I would have accepted the initial offer, they were able to negotiate an even better deal!
- Steven B.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
I am very pleased with this company [DVC Resale Market]. They have been great on their communication, very user friendly and a very navigable website. I am now at the closing process and the title company they use is also great with communication. I am like a kid at Christmas waiting for the closing and my member number.
- Eileen M.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
We finally joined Disney Vacation Club and used DVC Resale Market and it was an easy and wonderful experience from start to finish. Everyone was very helpful, attentive and informative and made our first transaction very easy. We are excited to be able to have many more Disney Vacations thanks to your team. Thank you.
- Mike G.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
I cannot begin to express how great this company is that handled our resale! Scott and all of his staff responded so quickly and never failed to answer our questions completely and honestly. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is buying a membership or selling their membership. Thanks again for the great customer service.
- Denise S.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016
Just sold 700 of my 1500 points with DVC Resale Market. They got me the price I needed and did a professional job.
- Scott S.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2015
This company rocks. They sold over 3000 of our DVC points and we could not be happier. We originally heard of them because many of our friends had sold or purchased new points thru them. Nick, Toya and the team are the best hands down. We could not have asked for more.
- Doug G.
DVC Resale Market Client, 2016