Best Economical DVC Resort to Purchase: Fall 2017

Disney's Polynesian Resort

At DVC Resale Market we like to keep an economic Disney Vacation Club Resort (DVC) ranking maintained for our clients as prices, dues, resorts and Disney can change over time.  We started this ranking in the Fall of 2014, and this blog represents our 7th in the series.

The chart below provides a long term economic ranking of Disney Vacation Club resorts to own.  The long term value considers price, dues and years remaining on the deed to ultimately get to a price per point per year.  This ranking may provide directional information in choosing a resort to own, especially for those Members or potential New Members who are less concerned about home resort priority and more focused on economic savings.

The biggest factor changing the economic rankings from this past Spring to now has been price.  Due to a healthy demand and low inventory many DVC resorts have seen large increases in price.  However, the prices for three resorts: Aulani, Grand Floridian and Polynesian have remained steady throughout the year with little fluctuation, and as a result have risen up the DVC economic ladder.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Despite experiencing significant price increases in 2017, Saratoga Springs and Bay Lake Tower still reign supreme as the top two economical DVC Resorts to own for the long haul.


Resort Avg. Cost Per Pt. Years Left Cost Per Pt. Per Year from Price Dues Per Pt. Total Cost Per Pt. Per Year Rank: Fall 2017 Rank: Spring 2017 Rank Change
Saratoga Springs $98 37 $2.65 $5.60 $8.25  1  1
Bay Lake Tower $137 43 $3.19 $5.62 $8.81  2  2
Old Key West (Extended) $97 40 $2.43 $6.41 $8.84  3  3
Grand Floridian $145 47 $3.09 $5.90 $8.99  4  5 +1
Polynesian $145 49 $2.96 $6.14 $9.10  5  7 +2
Animal Kingdom $104 40 $2.60 $6.59 $9.19  6   4 -2 
Aulani $100 45 $2.22 $7.03 $9.25  7  8 +1
Grand Californian $162 43 $3.77 $5.61 $9.38  8   6 -2
Old Key West $87 25 $3.48 $6.41 $9.89  9   9
Boulder Ridge $89 25 $3.56 $6.54 $10.10 10 11 +1
Hilton Head $71 25 $2.84 $7.27 $10.11 11  10 -1 
Vero Beach $68 25 $2.72 $8.11 $10.83 12 13 +1
Boardwalk $118 25 $4.72 $6.47 $11.19 13  12 -1 
Beach Club $131 25 $5.24 $6.27 $11.51 14  14
 Dues per point based on 2017 Calender Year
 – Average cost per point based on average asking price on September ’17


Additionally, this cost per point per year from the chart above can be used to help determine what a DVC Member theoretically pays for a Disney Vacation Club Villa.  For example, let’s say you purchased a Boardwalk contract and were going to stay at Boardwalk in a preferred view studio for one night on a weekday in Choice Season during Food and Wine Season at Epcot.  The amount of points needed for that one night would be 15, and the estimated cost per point per year according to the chart above would be $11.19.  So multiply the number of points needed by the cost per point and the result is 15 x $11.19 or $168/night.

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Disney's Boardwalk Resort


  • Nichole
    October 15, 2017

    Nick, I was looking at this report compared to the previous one and the per point asking price for many resorts have increased dramatically. Is this an overall trend, or is earlier in the year a better time to buy? I was thinking overall trend, but wondering if I you have noticed anything to the contrary. Does Saratoga not follow this because of the availability within such a large resort?

    • Nick Cotton
      October 16, 2017

      Nichole, since the Spring report, inventory has decreased dramatically as demand from buyers has stayed very strong throughout the year. Many of the DVC Resorts have experienced price increases as a result. Typically, late Fall is a great time to buy as demand is usually at its lowest, however, this late Fall will be more competitive for buyers than typical as inventory is so low. In the early part of the year we do get more inventory, but more buyers come to the market as well.

      Saratoga Springs has gone up in price as well, not as dramatic as some of the other resorts, but to your point a lot of that has to do with it being a larger resort and inventory typically more plentiful.

  • Denise
    October 4, 2017

    Interesting. Using that formula buying direct at Copper Creek is actually cheaper than the going rate at Boulder Ridge (considering the dues at Copper Creek came in so much lower than predicted).

    This does not include the time value of mine and the thought that you are paying now for a benefit you don’t see for 25 years (the later end date of Copper Creek)

    • Nick Cotton
      October 4, 2017

      Denise, considering the time value of money is a great point, especially when considering resorts with very different end dates. When you bring in a factor such as time value of money depending on what you are considering it can be important, but it also requires some assumptions to be made based on what you believe and what your own opportunities are.

  • Bing Showei
    September 27, 2017

    Hey, Nick. Great job on these reports. They’re helpful in evaluating the overall state of the DVC Resale market.

    Is there a reason ” – Average cost per point based on average asking price on September ’17″ is used as opposed to using an average, weighted SELLING price for points?

    I would think it matters much less what price people are asking, than what the market is paying. I would think selling prices from August is probably more valuable than asking prices in September, but perhaps there is something I’m not considering.


    • Nick Cotton
      September 27, 2017

      Bing – thank you for the feedback and thoughts. We use data as it provides aggregate data from several brokers (including us) on listing price in a quick and easy to use format. While I agree with you, selling price would be best there is no aggregate database that is quick and easy to get the information from. Additionally, the listing prices with DVC resale are typically not that much different especially in a strong seller’s market such as this.

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