Answering a Few Questions about The Villas at Disneyland Tower

The Villas at Disneyland Tower opens on September 28th. At that point, Disney Vacation Club members will dramatically increase their odds of booking/staying at Disneyland Resort.

The excitement for this expansion tower project is palpable. Disney cast members know this and are doing everything they can to explain what guests can expect at the new hotel. Thanks to our friends at planDisney, we can answer a few frequently asked questions about The Villas at Disneyland Tower.

When Can You Book at This Resort?

The answer to this question should put a smile on your face. As of the last week of July, all DVC members can book at The Villas at Disneyland Tower (TVDT).

I’ll warn you that the resort has proven quite popular thus far, though. So, you should expect to face strong competition when attempting to book.

During a cursory test of available reservations, I only noticed twelve available days from November through February, two of which are in 2023. Obviously, availability changes frequently at DVC, but these villas are the new hotness and should sustain their high demand indefinitely.

As a reminder, the initial booking window for TVDT has already opened. So, we’re already employing the typical seven-month window rules. In short, it’s already a basic part of the DVC program, even though it technically hasn’t opened yet.

How Does the Transient Occupancy Tax Work?

Have you attempted to book at TVDT yet or at least looked at potential reservations? If so, you’ve undoubtedly the message, “Transient Occupancy Tax Not Included.” You’re probably wondering what that statement means.

I wrote about this extensively in April. The gist is that booking a reservation here works similarly to Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas, as opposed to, well, all the other properties in the DVC lineup.

As a reminder, a DVC reservation at Aulani requires payment of a hotel occupancy tax, aka a transient occupancy tax (TOT). Basically, you must pay a daily fee to stay at the resort even though you’ve booked via DVC Points.

This TOT payment fills the coffers of city and state tax collectors. At Aulani, the absolute cheapest price you could pay for TOT is $9.69 for a night or $67.84 for a week for a Hotel Room. In most instances, guests pay $15-$20 per night or $100 or so per week to enjoy a dream DVC vacation in Hawaii.

At TVDT, you’ll pay substantially more per night and should be aware of this fact. Here are the current totals:

  • Duo Studio: $38.27 – $46.47 per night
  • Deluxe Studio: $54.67 – $71.08 per night
  • One-Bedroom Villa: $109.35 – $125.75 per night
  • Two-Bedroom Villa: – $164.02 – $188.63 per night
  • Three-Bedroom Villa: $347.18 – $410.06 per night

Anaheim’s City Council ultimately determines TOT rates. DVC included them with annual membership dues for The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

So, TVDT will work differently than the other DVC option at Disneyland Resort. This knowledge should factor into your decision on where to stay/buy because the daily TOT isn’t a trivial amount of money, especially when you’re staying in a Villa.

What’s a Duo Studio?

Have you visited the most divisive rooms at Disney’s Riviera Resort? I’m referring to the Tower Studios, the small, almost stubbornly intimate rooms. Two guests can test the boundaries of their relationship by booking a 255-square-foot room for a few days.

Remarkably, that tactic has proven popular enough that DVC has doubled down on the premise. At TVDT, guests can book Duo Studios themed to The Jungle Book.

Like their kindred spirits at the Riviera, these rooms will host two guests who sleep on a pull-down Queen bed. The Murphy bed design allows you to use the space during the day. Should you ever feel claustrophobic, each room includes either a patio or balcony.

Realistically, these rooms are ideal for those who won’t spend much time in the room and want to stretch their DVC Points. But they’re also ideal for couples who are very much in love.

Answering a Few Questions about The Villas at Disneyland Tower

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