Boardwalk Deli Brings New, Affordable Dining Options

Disney Vacation Club fans are smiling this week, as Disney’s BoardWalk just added a new, affordable restaurant. Let’s talk about BoardWalk Deli, the marvelous replacement for BoardWalk Bakery.

BoardWalk Deli’s Grand Opening

For many longtime Disney guests, the vivid red sign at BoardWalk Bakery embodied the entire entertainment district. When guests saw this sign, they knew they were almost home at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas.

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

What few consumers did was praise the bakery’s cuisine, though. Sweets are readily available at the World Showcase, while the bakery lacked fulfilling entrees to satisfy hungry customers. A few months ago, Disney finally acknowledged the problem. Management confirmed that BoardWalk Bakery would close permanently, along with ESPN Club. We’re in the middle of a complete reimagining of the BoardWalk. So, this week’s grand opening represents a significant first step.

On Monday, August 15th, the first wave of guests happily entered BoardWalk Deli for its grand opening. They quickly recognized that the new place sells several variations of the bakery’s goods. But now, you can add sandwiches to the mix, too!

Thankfully, Disney didn’t change the exterior much. The beloved red sign remains in place, but it says BoardWalk Deli instead. Otherwise, the BoardWalk façade remains intact.

The New BoardWalk Deli Breakfast Menu Pricing

Disney recently posted the full menu at BoardWalk Deli. It raised a few eyebrows, as guests have grown to expect one constant at Disney. Prices usually increase, especially when changes are made.

However, I’m happy to report that this re-theming mirrors the one at Steakhouse 71. Disney has maintained the value of the previous place rather than raising menu prices. If anything, the BoardWalk Deli comes across as a competitor to the wildly popular Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs. Guests staying at BoardWalk Villas don’t need to trek there to save money on a sandwich. Instead, you can find tremendous value just beyond the hotel lobby.

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

In terms of the menu, BoardWalk Deli offers an impressive combination of savory dishes for all three meals. Busy tourists can also snag something from the grab-and-go station as well.

The restaurant opens at 7 a.m. and then closes at 10 p.m., giving you 15 hours to fill your stomach with goodies. You’ll want to do that, as you’ll quickly discover that BoardWalk Deli provides some of the value on the Disney campus.

You can read the full BoardWalk Deli menu at the official website. I can give you the highlights, though. At Breakfast, you’ll find five different entrees ranging in price from $7.49 to $9.99. The fruit sides cost a modest $2.29, while bacon lovers will pay $2.99 for their fix.

The New BoardWalk Deli Lunch and Dinner Menu Pricing

The lunch and dinner menus are identical, with five subs/sandwiches available. These entrees range from $9.99 to $12.99. Folks, there’s a reason why you can’t drive two blocks without seeing a sandwich shop. The food is cheap and satisfying.

I will add that the plant-based potato chips here are on the high side of pricing at $4.49, almost the same as the tomato soup, which costs $4.99. Factoring in a drink, your worst-case scenario for a meal at BoardWalk Deli is likely $20 per person. Many opening day guests reported they paid $15 or less.

We’re talking about a Disney-quality meal at Subway prices! And I haven’t even touched on the best part. You can still fill your sweet tooth with the bakery options.

Photo Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

BoardWalk Deli lists 15 different baked goods on its menu plus parfait as a snack. Also, this place sells seven snacks including Cannoli and 50th Celebration Cupcake.

Disney’s new strategy here is to marry the old sweet tooth concept from the now-defunct BoardWalk Bakery with Earl of Sandwich’s menu and pricing. It’s a brilliant idea that reinvigorates this space for BoardWalk guests.

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