Disneyland Raises Prices…Again

Fans lament that The Happiest Place on Earth is turning into the Most Expensive Place on Earth.

Well, those complaints will only grow louder, as Disneyland Resort just raised its prices again. So you…might want to stay off social media for a couple of days.

Why Does Disneyland Raise Prices So Often?

In February of 2020, Disney raised prices for theme park tickets to Disneyland. At the time, this move represented the second price hike in 13 months.

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The following month, Disneyland closed and remained out of business until April 30th, 2021.

For this reason, people thought the park prices would remain static for a while. But then, Disney officials announced the Magic Key program.

As a reminder, this annual pass replacement features higher prices and fewer amenities.

As a kicker, Disneyland has now confirmed another price increase. Depending on how you count, that’s either three or four during the park’s last 18 months in operation.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

So, yeah, people sound pretty ticked on the internet. Realistically, we should accept this sort of annual price increase as the future of Disney, though.

New CEO Bob Chapek has stated that he views Disney park pricing as elastic, with many opportunities to monetize via higher paying customers.

Disney aspires to create two tiers of customers (or more), the standard vacationers and those willing to pay more to get extra perks.

Unfortunately, park officials don’t have a practical way to create such a scenario. So, regular guests face some tough choices.

The New Disneyland Ticket Prices

Here’s the new ticket pricing structure:

One Park, Single Day Disneyland Resort Tickets

  • Tier 1: Remains $104
  • Tier 2: $119 (previously $114)
  • Tier 3: $134 (previously $124)
  • Tier 4: $149 (previously $139)
  • Tier 5: $159 (previously $154)
  • Tier 6: $164, NEW tier

Disneyland Resort Single Day Park Hopper Tickets

  • Tier 1: $164 (previously $159)
  • Tier 2: $179 (previously $169)
  • Tier 3: $194 (previously $179)
  • Tier 4: $209 (previously $194)
  • Tier 5: $219 (previously $209)
  • Tier 6: $224, NEW tier

Overall, one-day park tickets increased by $5 each, although the new Tier 6 muddies the water a bit. But, of course, you could argue that prices went up even more because of that.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Meanwhile, Park Hopper tickets increased by $9.17 each. But, again, that’s not factoring in the new tier.

For comparison, the cost of the most expensive one-day park ticket cost $135 at the start of 2019. The Park Hopper option maxed out at $185.

So, the most expensive park tickets have increased by 21.5 percent and 21.1 percent in less than three years.

In other words, Disneyland tickets are going up by roughly seven percent annually.

Disney first introduced its demand-based pricing system in 2016. The company appears committed to this strategy for gradual price increases.

At current pacing, by the end of 2025, all the prices you see here should cost at least another 25 percent more.

Oh, and Disneyland Resort increased parking prices from $25 to $30, a 20 percent spike. So, yeah.

Other Disneyland Resort News

I previously mentioned that some Dream Key members have complained about Park Pass reservations at the parks.

These Disneyland fans have paid a high price to visit, only to struggle to find Park Pass availability afterward.

Disney might be taking steps to correct this, as the Dream Key level of the annual pass program currently lists as sold out.

You can still buy one of the other three levels, just not the best and most expensive one.

Speaking of the Magic Key program, participants gain access to the Magic Key Lounge. And you should go right now!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are currently appearing in their Christmas outfits!

These costumes are so adorable that Disney has launched an entire merchandise line around them.

The entire lounge has skipped Halloween and is already decorated for the yuletide season!

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Speaking of Christmas, park officials confirmed the showtimes for A Christmas Fantasy Parade.

This annual tradition at Disneyland will start on November 12th and operate at 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. daily.

In non-holiday news, the Disneyland Monorail has finally returned to operation after 18 months of downtime.

Finally, those of you looking for something spooky should visit Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure!

Zombie Captain America appears as a character interaction. Yes, Disney has taken the popular What If…? and turned it into a park engagement!

You must attend the Oogie Boogie Bash to see it, though. Here’s some video:

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