DVC Reveals New Details about Cabins at Fort Wilderness

During the 2023 DVC Condominium Association Meeting, Disney Vacation Club executives revealed new and exciting details about the cabins coming to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Now, Disney has released even more photos of the interior. Some of it will look familiar to you, and I mean that in the best possible way. Here’s what we just learned about The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.

Disney Introduces the New Cabins

Many of you have experienced the natural beauty of the old cabins at Fort Wilderness. For this reason, you may experience a shock when you study the pictures of the new rooms. They’re much more modern in tone yet oddly familiar. 

Of course, you’re still staying at what’s tantamount to a log cabin nestled in the woods. Disney plays up this fact in the illustrations, which show trees and lush foliage surrounding the cabins. 

Also, the artist’s rendering emphasizes the outdoor, communal nature of Fort Wilderness as a whole. Someone is riding a bike while family members converse outdoors near another group hosting a picnic. The exterior image also reveals a patio deck and a charcoal grill, which you’ll likely use if you stay/buy here. 

Fittingly, there’s even a golf cart in the picture. Remember that golf carts are so popular at Fort Wilderness that the campground even hosts holiday parades of them! 

Let’s Look Inside the Cabins

When you examine the cabin’s interior, you’ll notice a distinct sleeping area that hearkens back to the Treehouse Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. However, their convenience echoes the room design for the now-defunct quarters at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. 

Yes, this room includes bunk beds that are rustic in nature but slot into the open space the same way Disney structured the Star Wars Hotel’s rooms. Charming murals cover this wall, providing a pleasant view when nobody is using the bunk beds. Also, there’s a ladder on the side that Disney has smartly positioned so it won’t trip anyone. 

This aspect brings us to another vital part of the cabin’s design. It’s much roomier and encourages movement. We all know that the Treehouse Villas bedrooms are, by design, isolated from the open areas. Those rooms offer privacy. Disney has chosen a more communal design for its new cabins. It’s a place where families gather. 

What you see from the outside reveals how the inside works. You’re sleeping in a rectangular space, which means you’ll walk east-west a lot, just as you would in a typical DVC Studio. The difference is that you’re staying in an isolated cabin in the woods. 

Disney hasn’t ignored the obvious with the theming, either. For example, the bright murals display tranquil outdoor settings of moonlit nights. Also, charming plaques of Chip ‘n’ Dale adorn the walls. 

Finally, the neutral colors of the wood paneling establish the tone that you’re in a modern cabin, one where you don’t need to worry about the power going out or the plumbing going awry. This is the DVC equivalent of glamping in a log cabin. You can see a full video on DVC’s website

Here’s What We Call Tell about the Rooms

Obviously, illustrations glamorize some elements of a hotel room, something we learned with Galactic Starcruiser. Still, we can make some educated guesses about the room’s layout based on these visuals.

For starters, the bedroom appears to consist of a queen bed plus those bunk beds. Across from the bed is a dresser and presumably an HDTV…somewhere. You’ll also notice a nightstand beside the bed, part of what I’d think is a matched set. Overall, it’s an intimate area, and it does have a door you can close when you need a break from everyone. 

Part of the family room area shares a wall with the bunk beds. In this corner, a visible 65” HDTV hangs parallel to a dropdown bed. When you’re not using the dropdown, a charming Fort Wilderness painting covers this wall. Beneath the dropdown is a comfy-looking couch, a coffee table, and a sitting chair. It looks like an office chair with a soft cushion more than a recliner, though. 

Disney also provides subtle emphasis to the kitchen table, which has place settings at every chair. And it appears to seat five. Overall, the kitchen area mirrors something you’d admire in one of those Epic RV YouTube videos. 

Disney has efficiently utilized the space to include a stove, microwave, refrigerator, coffee machine, and sink. More impressive, there is a lot of shelving here. It seems like more of a home kitchen than something you’d find in a hotel room. DVC is strongly encouraging you to spend an extended vacation here. 

The primary piece of information missing from these photos is a shot of the bathrooms. Other than that, presuming that the artist’s illustrations aptly reflect what’s coming, the new cabins look breathtaking and smartly designed/themed. 

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