Global Disney Parks and Resorts Opening Status: May 15th

Security Guard at Tokyo Disney's Night Bazaar

Here’s the latest global Disney Parks and Resorts reopening status update for May 15th.

Shanghai Disneyland is officially open and Disney Springs is slowly making its return. Check the list of reopening timelines for the remaining Disney Parks and Resorts.

Disney Park Status:

Resort Locations Currently Open Is Country/State Open
Walt Disney World
  • Only accepting reservations starting on July 1
  • Grapefruit Garage at Disney Springs (Cast Members Only)
  • Opening at Disney Springs on May 20:

American Thread


Chicken Guy!

Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers

Earl of Sandwich

Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC

Free People

Frontera Cocina

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company

The Polite Pig

Some food trucks

STK Orlando

Sunshine Churros

Wine Bar George

Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill

YeSake Kiosk

Other stores will reopen on May 22

Disney stores likely to return on May 27

Currently in Phase One of Reopening (started on May 4, expanded on May 11)
Disneyland Resort Hotel reservations canceled through July 1 Currently in Stage Two of Reopening (started on May 8, expanded on May 14)
Disneyland Paris Reservations canceled through July 14 State of emergency through July 10


Shanghai Disneyland ● Shanghai Disneyland Park fully operational

● Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

● Many restaurants, including Lumiere’s Kitchen

● Some Character Meals

● Wishing Park

● Disneytown Entertainment Complex

Hong Kong Disneyland ● Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

● Disney Explorers Lodge

● Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

● Enchanted Garden Restaurant

● Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre

● One Character Meal

Tokyo Disneyland ● Ikspiari Shopping District

● Maihama Mermaid Dental Clinic

● Medi+Plus

● Seijo Ishii

Yes (state of emergency ended on May 14)


Shanghai Disneyland Update

As I discussed the other day, Shanghai Disneyland has reopened, becoming the first Disney park to do so. The above video will give you a solid idea of the safety measures in place.

Disney officials did more than honoring the Chinese government’s request for capacity limits. Shanghai Disneyland could host 24,000 guests right now.

Instead, Disney allowed fewer guests, while park officials promised that they would expand by 5,000 each week until reaching 24,000. Of course, by then, the limitation could rise to 40,000 or 60,000.

So, Disney is employing a measured, gradual reopening. The park doesn’t need to follow these stringent guidelines. It’s a voluntary tactic to assure the health of all returning guests.

Bob Chapek, Bob Iger, and their fellow executives understand that the world is watching Shanghai. They’re not risking the more lucrative return of American parks by allowing anything to go wrong in Shanghai.

Not coincidentally, the first few days of operation at Shanghai Disneyland have gone flawlessly. Social media reports show short waits and respectful guests for the most part.

Hong Kong Disneyland Status

I won’t lie. I’d expected more forward movement at Hong Kong Disneyland by now. Three of the official Disney resorts started accepting reservations on May 15.

When that happened, many people assumed that the park would return in a matter of days. Now, that could still happen, but there isn’t any sort of announcement yet.

I presume that Disney is waiting for more data at Shanghai Disneyland before proceeding. Also, let’s be honest that other issues in Hong Kong have previously wrecked tourism in the city.

Disney doesn’t have as much financial incentive to reopen Hong Kong Disneyland right now. The purpose would be informational as much as anything.

From all outward appearances, Hong Kong Disneyland employees have taken the necessary steps to bring back the park. We’re merely waiting on confirmation of an exact date.

Walt Disney World Status

Okay, some interesting stuff has happened in Florida over the past few days. The state still hasn’t technically entered Phase Two of its reopening plan yet.

However, state officials have relented on several aspects of the multi-phase guidelines. As an example, hair stylists and barbers are back in business.

Also, Governor Ron DeSantis is actively courting professional sports teams to practice/play in the state. His goal is to lure teams from areas that enforce more restrictive COVID-19 healthcare policies.

Disney has become an integral part of the economic reopening plans, especially in the tourism industry.

Sharing statue empty pre park opening at Magic Kingdom Disney World

Photo Courtesy of

I had a friend who works for a hotel chain mention that their company doesn’t expect to lure guests back until Disney reopens. That statement speaks volumes about the importance of Disney in the travel business.

One of the crucial news items at Walt Disney World reinforces this point. Disney has agreed to terms with some of its cast member unions about working during the pandemic.

Cast members will have the right to call in without any mark against them when they show COVID-19 symptoms. Also, anyone who catches the virus will get paid leave while recuperating and quarantining.

With so much at stake, Disney executives have taken a cautious approach thus far. The return of Disney Springs businesses is meaningful for this reason, though.

Disney Springs and More

As you can read on the chart, on May 20, more than 10 Disney Springs businesses will return. On May 22, more companies will join them. This second wave includes:

  • Morimoto Asia
  • Pizza Ponte
  • Vivoli il Gelato

Yes, these are all Patina Group eateries. They’re not the most exciting part of the story, though.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted Eric Clinton, the President of UNITE HERE, about the return of Disney stores. Here’s the quote:

“On May 20, only sub-contracted shops will be open in the Disney Springs shopping and dining complex. The next phase will start seven days later when Disney retail shops, such as World of Disney Store and Disney eateries reopen, the union president said.”

On this timeline, we’d have actual Disney stores back in business on May 27. Park officials haven’t confirmed this yet, but the source seems reliable.

Disney Springs

Photo Courtesy of

Of course, the other headline-grabbing story right now is that Disney sent out surveys to guests about potential June stays. Simultaneously, Walt Disney World has started accepting reservations for July 1 and beyond.

Yes, people are reading the tea leaves that Disney will return this summer, possibly in a matter of weeks.

As I’ll reference again at the end of today’s update, park officials have embraced total radio silence on the subject, though.

All anyone will say is that people shouldn’t read anything into the acceptance of July reservations.

Disneyland Status

Eek. The news in California has gotten worse, not better. The California State University system apparently will remain an at-home educational facility this fall.

Educational officials have taken this approach to limit the spread of coronavirus. While the other major university system in California hasn’t decided on the same approach yet, it’s a sign that the Golden State is in it for the long haul.

The state has gradually moved its counties into Stage 2 of the reopening plan. On Wednesday morning, only eight had qualified, but that number swelled to 20 out of 58 by the end of Thursday. Neither Orange nor Los Angeles County is in this group, though.

Meanwhile, Governor Gavin Newsom has given the green light for some potentially beneficial changes to Disney fans. Dine-in restaurants and shops with all-in-store purchases can now reopen.

Yes, that sounds a lot like the stores that we’d frequent at Downtown Disney. We still don’t have any sort of indication about when the park could return, though.

The one positive this week is that all three official Disneyland hotels are accepting reservations in July. However, no dining reservations or entertainment activities are available for booking right now.

Sadly, I don’t think we should read much into the hotel bookings here. The state of California is undeniably taking a more cautious approach than Florida.

Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris Status

On Thursday, something unexpected happened. The Japanese government canceled its state of emergency for the country. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the city of Tokyo will maintain stricter guidelines for a little while longer. Japanese officials have made the reasonable decision to keep precautionary measures in place.

Tokyo is both the nation’s capital and the most populous metropolitan area. So, it’s the likeliest source of an outbreak. In fact, roughly one-third of all confirmed cases in Japan are from Tokyo.

We’re unlikely to get any movement at Tokyo Disneyland before the end of May. If we do, that’s a strong signal that the country has coronavirus under control again.

In France, the most recent update is decidedly less favorable. The country’s previous state of emergency declaration had started to expire in some areas.

French officials introduced a new law that reintroduces a state of emergency. This declaration lasts until July 10. Not coincidentally, Disneyland Paris has canceled all reservations through July 14.

We’re unlikely to receive a positive park update in France until cast members learn that they’re being recalled. So, these two parks look like the last ones to reopen, at least at the moment. Again, this situation remains fluid and changes frequently.

Other DVC Properties

As promised, I made a few inquiries at the various non-theme park DVC resorts. Unfortunately, the discussions went about as expected.

Everyone involved with DVC is tightlipped about when anything will return. Realistically, this strategy is the correct approach, as Disney should keep all its properties on message right now.

I know that it’s not what some of you wanted to hear, though. If any DVC property breaks silence, I will update you in a future update.

Until then, stay safe and sane, everyone. I’m looking at the entire situation as a rare opportunity to tear through my entire Netflix and Disney+ queues.

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