Pago Pago Undergoes Soft Refurb and Grand Floridian Begins Expansion

Pago Pago takes a hard-earned break & the Grand Floridian plans for the future.

We have several fascinating DVC updates today.

That’ll Do, Pig

When Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort started its massive overhaul, the Great Ceremonial House ceded its core responsibility for a while.

Guests no longer checked in at the lobby’s front desk. Instead, they went to the Pago Pago longhouse, which had a lovely temporary setup.

Cast members here provided guests with their leis, and the Bell Services operation was top-notch.

Seriously, I had braced for the worst but felt stunned by the efficiency of the Pago Pago setup.

Well, the Great Ceremonial House has reopened almost all of its core services. We’re really just waiting for the return of the monorail station at this point.

Courtesy of the Disney Tourist Blog

Ergo, Pago Pago has served its purpose as a short-term hub for all Polynesian check-in/check-out activities.

So, DVC can finally do what it had previously planned at Pago Pago. As of this week, the longhouse will undergo refurbishment.

The Polynesian had scheduled a soft goods renovation that the pandemic delayed. Now, Disney will start it in earnest, first with Pago Pago.

Later, Tokelau and Moorea will receive the same update. For now, they’ll remain open, though.

Meanwhile, Disney has contacted some DVC guests who had booked at Pago Pago. These people will receive reassignment at the new Moana hotel rooms instead.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

If Disney didn’t get in touch with you, you’re probably not impacted. DVC hasn’t announced a timeline for the soft goods refurb, but we’ll keep you updated.

The Grand Floridian Addition Has Started

Your new favorite number is 10,302. That’s how many timeshare weeks that the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation just approved.

DVC requested a modification of the standing agreement for The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

We previously learned that the Grand Floridian intended to convert Big Pine Key (Building 9) into a DVC property.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

At the time, Disney indicated that it would 200 Deluxe Studio Villas to its Grand Floridian inventory. So, DVC members can another 1.5 million points here.

This project has officially started in earnest, as Disney filed a Notice of Commencement on Wednesday.

The company has targeted next summer as the opening date for at least some of the new rooms. However, this timeline may prove ambitious, depending on several external factors like the Delta variant.

Still, I think it’s reasonable to expect early-year 2022 sales for the second wave of Grand Floridian inventory.

DVC Miscellany

The only Disney story of note involves Brightline. I’d previously mentioned that the company would make a decision about where to put a station or stations in Orlando.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Universal Orlando Resort has campaigned for an I-4 location near the Conference Center, an idea that the Orlando Sentinel editorial board despises.

Disney has pushed back against this suggestion as well. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the bureaucrats involved in the process kicked the can down the road here.

The Central Florida Expressway Authority Board approved the expansion from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Tampa, Florida. However, they delayed any decisions on internal Orlando stops.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

I’d love to be a fly on the wall for the backdoor Brightline negotiations that will ensue in the coming months.

Finally, as an FYI, in the unlikely event that you had planned to receive a vaccine shot at MCO, please be aware that this is no longer possible.

With absolutely no warning, MCO suddenly closed its vaccination center. Workers will suggest nearby locations if you want a shot, though.

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