The Biggest Myth About DVC Resale

Lots of misinformation exists about buying DVC contracts on the secondary market, but the biggest myth about buying resale is that you won’t be able to use your resale points in exchange for World Collection vacations. The World Collection, which is mostly made up of RCI (Resorts Condominiums International) is a collection that can be used with points purchased on resale.  Moreover, all discounts available to DVC Members are available whether you are a member that purchased a resale contract or directly from Disney Vacation Club, and you still get home resort priority when purchasing DVC Resale. Often, members or potential new members will contact us at the DVC Resale Market thinking that with resale points they lose home resort priority, discounts and especially the World Collection, but none of that is true. By far the most common myth is that the World Collection is restricted when purchasing points via DVC Resale, but again, simply not true. This is an important point of clarification as the World Collection does provide a significant dollar savings at many of the RCI resorts. I believe this is the biggest point of confusion since a few collections such as the Disney Collection (Disney Hotels, Disney Cruises and Adventures By Disney) and the Concierge Collection are restricted from use with resale points. But the distinction is critical as often there is a big difference in value when using points for RCI vs. Disney Cruises / ABD / Concierge Collection.

To illustrate the difference I gathered an example from each collection to show how many dollars a point is worth in each collection. This is only an estimate, but can quickly show with just a few examples the potential drastic difference in value.

Value Ranking Collection Vacation Dollars Points Value (Dollars per Point)
1 Disney Vacation Club 1 Night Savanna View Animal Kingdom, Magic Season $499 per Night 19 per Night $26.26
2 World Collection 1 Week at the Windjammer in St. Lucia (1-bedroom, ocean view) $2,884 per Week 150 per Week $19.23
  * Rental Income Per Point (DVC Rental Store) Using Cash from Renting Points to Book Vacation $12.00
3 Disney Collection ABD Trip (9 Nights to Italy, 12/21/14) $6,589 per Person 767 per Person $8.59
4 Disney Collection Disney Cruise (4 Night, Disney Dream, 5/9/15 for 2 Adults, 5A) $2,301 for 2 Adults 466 for 2 Adults $4.94
5 Concierge Collection 1 Night Grand Wailea (King Bedroom, Ocean View, 10/30/14) $359 for Room 98 for Room $3.66
* Renting is not a collection but rather an option that may provide a stronger value than using points for the Disney Cruises, Adventures By Disney and the Concierge Collection

As you can see the World Collection can provide a DVC Member with a tremendous value at over $19 per point especially when considering that when purchasing DVC via resale your cost per point per year can be under $7 per point.   For a reference on how to calculate your costs per point as a Disney Vacation Club Member please click here.

In this example for the World Collection I used the Windjammer in St. Lucia, but to see all the possible RCI destinations with the Disney Vacation Club Membership please visit:

Moreover, this example shows that if you are not getting more than $11.75 per point in value you may be better off renting your points through the as they pay up to $12.00-$13.00 per point!  If you are a member and considering renting your points to get the cash to pay for the vacation you can save even more by booking through an authorized Disney Vacation Planner such as

And for a more in-depth look at the economics of Disney Vacation Club please visit:

For any further questions please do not hesitate to ask by e-mailing your questions to or call us at 1-844-DVC-PROS (382-7767).





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