The DVC Resale Buying Experience in 2022

On this week’s episode of The DVC Show, the discussion centers on the DVC buying experience in 2022. It’s an essential topic for current members seeking to add on and potential members researching the program for the first time.

What should you expect when buying a DVC Resale Market contract? Read on, and I’ll walk you through the process.

Finding the Right DVC Contract

You’ll find the first step in the process straightforward. You must identify the DVC contract that fits your needs the best.

First, you’ll visit DVC Resale Listings and narrow your options. Then, you must decide how many DVC Points you’ll need in your contract and your Home Resort.

What is a DVC “Use Year” and Does it Matter? Veteran DVC owners also recognize the importance of Use Years. That’s the month you’ll gain a fresh set of DVC Points each year.

Buying a resales contract works slightly differently because you’re negotiating with a person, not a company. When you buy directly, Disney possesses all the power.

So, you can negotiate a bit via DVC resales, something that’s impossible for direct purchases. Still, we remain in a seller’s market for the most part.

DVC Resale Market guides its sellers in how to price their contracts accurately and works as the transaction agent who ensures that both parties reach a satisfactory outcome.

Your agent will walk you through the process, making everything easy. You’ll pick a contract and make an offer based on your agent’s recommendations. They’ll know what a fair price is and guide you toward a painless negotiation.

The Post-Negotiation Steps of DVC Buying

Let’s presume that you successfully bid on a contract. You make an offer, and the other party accepts. What happens next?

Like with most real estate purchases, the next step involves paperwork. The DVC Resale Market team will present you with a contract to finalize the transaction. The seller will also sign the deal, thereby getting everything settled in writing for all involved.

Afterward, you’ll pay a deposit toward the final purchase price of your transaction. The DVC Resale Market agent will tell you how much and the forms of acceptable payment to complete this part of the deal. A safe estimate is 10 percent (max of $2000).

The DVC Resale Buying Experience is Simple & Easy

After the contract is signed by both parties, you’ll enter the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) stage which typically takes about 30 days. That’s when Disney maintains the ability to purchase the contract instead of you. Thankfully, your agent knows several strategies for avoiding ROFR. So, as long as you follow their advice, your odds of passing ROFR are good. Disney could take a month or so to decide, though. Here are 4 tips to avoid Disney’s Right of First Refusal. 

DVC Resale Market is committed to providing our buyers with the best possible experience. That’s why we have a dedicated concierge team to take care of every step of the process. From start to finish, throughout your entire DVC resale purchase, the Concierge Team will be there to answer any questions and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Eventually, presuming that ROFR goes well, you’ll receive the closing documents. This paperwork is all that remains before you gain a new DVC contract!

Your Concierge Team will keep you updated at each check point to ensure a quick closing process. Basically, they work as your Fairy Godmother throughout the buying process, ensuring that you have a simple, smooth transaction!

Contract Closing

Once your contract is closed Disney will send you an email and provide you with the account details to set up your new purchase, points are transferred by Disney through the DVC Member Website and you are officially “Welcomed Home” and ready to start planning vacations!

Buying with DVC Resale Market

Many buyers often ask us, what makes buying with DVC Resale Market different from other brokers? With over 185+ years of combined DVC experience and a team of former Disney Cast Members ready to assist with your purchase, it’s hard to argue that DVC Resale Market is the leader in the DVC resale industry.

When you purchase your Disney Vacation Club resale contract through DVC Resale Market, you will also unlock a whole new world of special DVC resale perks and benefits. As a member of our World of DVC family, you will have access to a wide range of exclusive benefits just for our members.

Access all available Disney Vacation Club resale listings, or learn more about buying and selling with DVC Resale Market.


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