Time to Pay Your DVC Annual Dues

For Disney Vacation Club members, annual dues represent the equivalent of death and taxes. They’re inevitable at this time of year. Yes, it’s time to pay your annual dues. Here’s what you need to know.

What You Must Know about DVC Annual Dues

Unless you’re a new DVC member, you already know what annual dues are. Still, just to be clear, they’re effectively the property tax on your Home Resort. So, you’re paying your taxes plus a set amount for upkeep on the property. 

Notably, the price of annual dues varies depending on the resort where you own. DVC members with multiple contracts pay different amounts at each location. 

For instance, an owner at Disney’s Beach Club Villas would pay $8.1655 per point this year. Meanwhile, an owner at Disney’s Riviera Resort would pay $8.5049. Currently, annual dues range in price from $6.8727 to $12.8503 per point. 

Disney's Beach Club Garden exterior

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Spelling out the math, a 100-point DVC contract requires annual dues from $687.27 to $1,285.03. So, you’re spending $57.25-$107.86 monthly for your 100-point DVC contract.

Disney determines your amount owed by multiplying the number of points you own by the cost of annual dues at your Home Resort. You can find this information when you log into your Disney Vacation Club account.

Specifically, you’ll check the My DVC tab. My Annual Dues is one of the menu options here. Members can pay their balances at this site. Please note that Auto-Pay is also an option if you don’t want to be bothered with paying another bill each year.

What to Know about DVC Deadlines and Inflation

As a reminder, the Disney Vacation Club expects its members to pay our annual dues by January 15th, 2023. The program isn’t unreasonable with its request, though.

Disney recognizes that money can get a little tight during/after the holidays. As such, you have a bit more leeway than you might realize. 

DVC won’t consider your account in arrears until 30 days after January 15th. So, you won’t fall under the heading of “past due” until after February 15th

My cohort, Paul Krieger, previously posted the cost of the annual dues per point. When you examine the list, you’ll notice that Disney’s Riviera Resort is the only DVC property whose annual dues increased by less than four percent. So, if you own at the Riviera, you’re one of the lucky ones! 

Photo Courtesy of: Disney Tourist Blog

Otherwise, you’re probably paying four to eight percent more than last year. Realistically, that’s a smaller increase than pretty much anything else at the Disney parks over the past year. 

Pro Tips to Save on (Future) Payments

Since I’ve been a DVC member for a long time, I do have a few pro tips for you. First, if anyone gave you a Disney gift card as a holiday gift, you can use it to pay part/all your annual dues! 

Even if the gift card is only a dollar, Disney will accept it as a form of payment. Along those lines, you should consider joining the Disney Movie Insiders club. It’s free to join and often offers valuable redemptions.

During December, you could have traded 1,000 points for a $10 Disney gift card, thereby reducing your out-of-pocket expense for annual dues. Sites like SlickDeals often list free codes for up to 50 points. So, you can quickly build up a stash. 

Another solution, one we use, is to sign up for a Disney credit card from Chase. It provides bonuses for Disney park usage. You trade in the points you’ve earned for a Disney Rewards Redemption Card.

During our most recent visit, we racked up more than $100 in rewards. We’re using the money on that Disney Rewards Redemption Card to pay part of our annual dues. In this way, a Disney trip partially pays for itself. 

Something else to keep in mind is that some merchants sell Disney gift cards for discounts. I’m too lazy to adopt this approach, but Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club are notoriously good for this sort of thing. 

Over the calendar year, DVC members can take a methodical approach to this sort of savings. You’ll discover it adds up when you pay your annual bill. 

We reduced our out-of-pocket expense to less than $300 this year, and we weren’t even detail-oriented. It just kinda happened. If you take it seriously, you could save a fortune and thereby negate the stress and aggravation of annual dues next January. 

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