Where Should I Eat When Staying at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort?

When you visit Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the island. Among DVC hotels, none resides in a more exclusive area than Hilton Head, a city with such high standards it once fought against Disney building a resort here.

Of course, that happened long ago, and Disney has since become an essential part of the company. Still, the odd negotiations from those early days have changed the calculus on your dining options. 

When you stay at Hilton Head, you’ll approach your meals differently than at any DVC resort. Here’s where you should eat at Hilton Head. 

Here Are the Hotel Options 

Technically, you’ll only find one restaurant at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, at least the hotel part. The other option resides at Disney’s Beach House. Long story short, you’ll probably have to leave the hotel for most of your meals. As you’re about to learn, that’s far from a negative, but it’s something important to keep in mind.

At the hotel itself, your dining option is Tide Me Over, which looks like this:

Here’s a quick glimpse from a DVC Fan video as well:

The setting here is pristine, as you can grab a chair and watch people walk on the bridge or stare across the water. As for the restaurant, it’s just a side window helmed by one person. You’ll find the menu written on a chalkboard beside the order window. This isn’t Victoria & Albert’s.

Still, the menu consists of Carolina barbecue, which you’ll find everywhere in the continental United States due to its popularity. I grew up on this stuff, and the flavors here are authentic. 

Tide Me Over provides exceptional bang for the buck and is a place I wholeheartedly recommend. It’s also great for breakfast, too. The Bounty Platter only costs $8.50, which is cheaper than anywhere at Walt Disney World. 

Here’s the Beach House Option

Sometimes, you’ll get hungry while you’re at Disney’s Beach House. Presuming you’re visiting at the right time of year, your best bet is Signals. Our friends over at DVC Fan include some highlights of Beach House and Signals:

You’ll notice that the tables are nicer, and the view is even better since you’re staring at the Atlantic Ocean, not the tributaries connecting to it. 

Signals sells basic entrees like tacos, a Cuban sandwich, and burgers. Importantly, it also offers Dole Whips, so you’ll want to visit this place while you’re here. You can get Dole Whips at Tide Me Over as well, but they’re better when you’re sitting on the beach. 

About Dining in Hilton Head

Look, the two restaurants at Hilton Head will satisfy you when you eat at each one. Still, neither of them can compare to the culinary hotbed in this area of the country. 

Top Chef hosted a season in Charleston a few years ago to capitalize on the dining renaissance in the area. Hilton Head is only two hours away from there and has poached many of those chefs.

You want to leave the hotel campus to eat. Remarkably, several of the best options are inexpensive as well, at least by this region’s standards. I should mention that Hilton Head is an unexpectedly upscale part of South Carolina, as is neighboring Bluffton. 

So, the prices range between touristy and expensive as a rule. The locals know where the best values are, so it never hurts to ask a Cast Member for suggestions. 

Here Are the Best Places to Eat in Hilton Head

Overall, a couple of local institutions are The French Bakery and the Salty Dog Café. Neither of them will serve the best food you’ve ever eaten, but they’re popular nonetheless. Here’s the menu at The French Bakery. The prices are reasonable here, while Salty Dog Café is a bit pricier since it sells seafood. 

Wine connoisseurs are the real winners during a visit, though. Charlie’s Coastal Bistro and River House is a recurring award winner with Wine Spectator, while Hogshead Kitchen and Wine Bar recently earned some James Beard Award nominations. 

I also recently collated a list of excellent options in the area. That group includes:

  • Coast
  • Delisheeyo
  • The French Bakery
  • Hilton Head Social Bakery
  • Links, an American Grill
  • Michael Anthony’s Cucina Italiana
  • Nunzio Restaurant + Bar
  • Ocean Lounge
  • Stu’s Surfside Subs
  • Truffles Café 

Seafood is on the menu at most of these places, and you’ll find countless wines and spirits as well. You’re on vacation and should relax, right?

Overall, the culinary ascension of coastal South Carolina wasn’t anything anybody saw coming. But it happened. Now, DVC members benefit from a plethora of phenomenal dining options. Even better, most of them reside within 15 minutes of the hotel!

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