Annual Passes Return at Walt Disney World

During the pandemic, The Walt Disney Company suspended annual pass sales. Later, Disney altered the program by establishing new names and passholder tiers. Even then, Disney only opened new sales to a select few potential customers. 

Disney Vacation Club members have lamented the lack of annual pass options for multiple years. Thankfully, I am thrilled to report that the drought has ended. Walt Disney World annual passes are returning in two weeks! Here’s what you need to know!

Walt Disney World Confirms New Sales of Annual Passes

“Disney fans, we heard you loud and clear!” 

That’s how the Disney Parks Blog begins today’s welcome – and long overdue – update regarding Walt Disney World annual passes. Disney will restart sales of three different annual passes on April 20th, 2023. 

For DVC members, that’s not the only date to remember. As I’m about to explain, you can buy one enticing annual pass on April 13th as well. 

The four levels of annual passes that Disney offers are:

  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass — $399
  • Disney Pirate Pass — $749
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass — $969
  • Disney Incredi-Pass — $1,399

The Pixie Dust Pass remains exclusive to Florida residents. This annual pass gives Floridians access to Walt Disney World on most weekdays. It has remained available even as Disney has shut down sales of the other annual pass options.

Only Floridians may purchase the Disney Pirate Pass as well. It expands the number of available visitation dates, including many weekends. However, it also comes with several blockout dates. 

Here Are the Annual Passes DVC Members Can Buy

Later this month, DVC members may purchase the Disney Sorcerer Pass, which provides arguably the best bang for the buck. Disney describes availability as “most days, subject to blockout dates on select days during select holiday periods.”

Disney offers payment plan options for the Disney Sorcerer Pass, just like the others. If this one appeals to you, the payment options are a single charge of $969 plus tax or a $205 down payment. When you select the latter, you’ll set up a payment plan of $69 per month for 12 months. 

Finally, the Disney Incredi-Pass will go on sale for all guests. Disney notes that this annual pass possesses no blockout dates. When you buy it, you can visit Walt Disney World on even its most crowded dates, including major holidays.

You can pay $1,399 plus tax as a one-time charge, or you can make a downpayment of $205. Afterward, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $108 for the next year.


The amenities work the same for these passes. So, you can save money if you don’t mind the blockout dates. Alternatively, you can splurge to ensure you’ll spend July 4th and Christmas at Walt Disney World’s theme parks. 

Remember that Disney PhotoPass downloads and the Water Park and Sports option no longer come with annual passes. You can upgrade with either option for $99 plus tax or $198 plus tax for both. So, you should consider these possibilities when setting your vacation budget. 

Disney Gives DVC Members an Extra Week

Perhaps the biggest news item involves a DVC benefit. On April 13th, DVC members will enjoy an exclusive booking window for the Disney Sorcerer Pass. Starting on that date, DVC owners can purchase that annual pass – but just that one! – ahead of everyone else.

Presumably, Disney has done this because annual passes at Disneyland Resort have sold out at various times during/since the pandemic. This window ensures that DVC members can avoid sellouts. 

The window starts next week, so you’ll need to decide quickly, though. Remember that you can make the downpayment and then pay monthly if needed. Also, some American readers may know what to do with their income tax returns now!

To a larger point, the timing on this works out well for annual passholders. On April 18th, Disney drops the Park Pass requirement for such passholders. 

From that date forward, you can enter any Walt Disney World park after 2 p.m., even without a Park Pass for the day! It’ll be like the old days! I should add the caveat that you’ll still need a Park Pass on Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom, though. It’s the only park that will maintain this requirement.

Friends, this is the best news for DVC members and Disney fans everywhere. Since CEO Bob Iger has returned to Disney, he has shown consideration toward Disney theme park fans. Just as importantly, he has acknowledged that Disney made mistakes during the pandemic. 

Today, Disney has corrected one of the biggest complaints that fans have. We can FINALLY buy annual passes again as of April 13th/April 20th!

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