Can I Sell My DVC Points?

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes Disney Vacation Club members find that they no longer want their DVC points.  Whether their family’s needs or vacation habits have changed, they’re not stuck with their points; they can sell their DVC contract.  

Selling Your Contract Is Permitted by DVC

DVC allows members to sell their contracts.  In fact, the multi-site public offering statement outlines some requirements for members to follow when selling their contract.  For example, it states “While you are not prohibited from selling your Ownership Interest on your own terms, you are only permitted to sell your entire Ownership Interest in a single transaction.”  This means that if you were to sell your 100-point contract, you would have to sell all 100 points at the same time; you wouldn’t be able to sell 50 points and keep the other 50.  Also, once you have found a buyer, Disney would still have the opportunity to purchase that contract for the same price and terms that the buyer offered.  This process is referred to as Right of First Refusal.  Other requirements are dependent on whether or not you have financed your contract.  

There Is a Demand for DVC Contracts

Unlike many other timeshares that are hard to get rid of, DVC contracts are in demand.  Demand for a particular contract can vary depending on the home resort and number of points, but there is a healthy resale market for DVC contracts. 

Currently, resale contracts are selling for an average price of $126 per point. Of the contracts sold by DVC Resale Market, 80% of them sell within 7 days and 90% sell within 30 days.  With DVC Resale Market, there is a guaranteed sale.  If they cannot sell your listing within 30 days, they will buy it from you.  

How Do I Sell My DVC Contract?

DVC won’t help members sell their points.  Instead, members can either try to sell the contract by finding their own buyer or go through a third-party broker, such as DVC Resale Market.  Their brokers will help you each step of the way, from listing to closing, ensuring you get the most views and the best price.  

Interested in selling your DVC contract?  Contact the experts at DVC Resale Market.  The experienced team includes former DVC cast members who were all trained by Disney to sell DVC contracts. 


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