DVC Resale Average Sales Prices for January 2024

This article features the average sales price of contracts categorized by resort and month sold from January 2023 through January 2024 by DVC Resale Market (DVCRM).

Our goal for this article is to provide great directional information for anyone considering a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resale purchase or just wanting to satisfy a general curiosity of prices and trends.

How to Evaluate DVC Resale Prices

The price of a resort can vary based on the size of the contract in points, the current point availability of the contract (i.e., points current, banked, and borrowed), as well as other various factors (i.e., extended Old Key West contracts, subsidized dues contracts, etc.).

For example, contracts that are smaller and have higher points availabilities tend to sell for more than the average price per point and vice versa.

Inventory Surge and Price Dynamics

As we turn over the calendar to a fresh year, January has reliably shown itself to be the month when DVC sellers emerge in significant numbers—prompted by the looming prospect of Annual Dues and the realization that a pilgrimage to the most magical place on Earth may not be on the horizon. The start of 2024 has faithfully followed this pattern, with an influx of sellers pushing DVC Resale Market inventory north of 600 active contracts at the time of writing.

This surge spells good fortune for prospective buyers who find themselves spoilt for choice, providing ample opportunity to find a contract that fits their needs and budget. More notably, this abundance of listings has tipped the scales, confirming our current status as a buyer’s market, and continually applying downward pressure on sales prices.

While the vast range of options is undoubtedly a positive, it’s crucial to note that certain contract characteristics can influence average prices quite dramatically. This month’s analysis reveals just such an example with Riviera Resort, which experienced an upswing of $9 per point, lifting the average resale price to $126. At first glance, one might be tempted to think this signals an upsurge in Riviera’s popularity, but the reality is less about affection for the resort and more about the nature of the contracts exchanged. Over 80% of the Riviera contracts sold this month were either small in point size or came heavily loaded with points, both traits that typically command higher per-point prices.

The same principle of contract variability affecting pricing applies to the Grand Californian, which often sees similar fluctuations from month to month.

And for those of you eagerly watching the market trends, here’s an intriguing tidbit: January saw the sale of the inaugural Disneyland Hotel DVC resale contract—at an eye-catching $160 per point. While it’s too early to weave this figure into our standard reports, as we await more consistent data, it certainly ignites curiosity regarding the trajectory of Disneyland Hotel on the resale scene. I’ll not bore you with my thoughts, but let me know in the comments—what do you foresee for the future of Disneyland Hotel resales following this initial splash in the market?

DVC Resale Market: Red Hot Deals

With market conditions continuing to change rapidly and prices trending lower, the DVC Resale Market team has embraced this and brought back last year’s extremely popular promotion called Red Hot Deals! This offer highlights a select number of listings that are currently priced to sell at or below the average resale price of that property. Red Hot Deals are priced aggressively for a fast sale with easy Buy It Now, NO HAGGLE pricing. When they are gone, they’re gone, so buyers need to act quickly, so they don’t miss out before this offer ends on February 29th, 2024.


DVC Resale Price Changes for Walt Disney World (WDW) Resorts

Below is a chart and graph detailing the average prices per point for each WDW DVC Resort, January 2023 – January 2024:


Average Resale Prices by WDW DVC Resort January 2024


DVC Resale Price Changes for Non-WDW Resorts

Below is a chart and graph detailing the average prices per point for each Non-WDW DVC Resort, January 2023 – January 2024:

Non WDW Average Prices Chart January 2024

Average Resale Prices by Non WDW DVC Resort January 2024

DVC Resale Prices Compared to Direct DVC Prices

Below is a chart comparing the DVC Resale Market prices to Direct Resale prices:

Resort Resale
(Based on
January ’24 Sales)
(Disney Vacation Development)
Difference Per Point
(Direct – Resale)
Percentage Savings with Resale
Animal Kingdom $110 $210 $100 48%
Aulani $105 $225 $120 53%
Bay Lake Tower $133 $275 $142 52%
Beach Club $134 $275 $141 51%
Boardwalk $116 $240 $124 52%
Boulder Ridge $109 $215 $106 49%
Copper Creek $138 $250 $112 45%
Grand Californian $269 $310 $41 13%
Grand Floridian $166 $230 $64 28%
Hilton Head $74 $165 $91 55%
Old Key West $89 $205 $116 57%
Old Key West – Ext $116 $205 $89 43%
Polynesian $152 $250 $98 39%
Riviera Resort $126 $225 $99 44%
Saratoga Springs $106 $205 $99 48%
Vero Beach $58 $150 $92 61%

*Direct price does not reflect any promotional discounts DVC may be offering. Click here to view resale restrictions. 

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