Let’s Talk about the Rooms at Copper Creek

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge presents a conundrum for DVC members. This hotel campus hosts two distinct DVC properties, which naturally raises the question of how different they are.

Last month, we discussed the rooms at Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Now, we’ll evaluate the newer option, Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  Let’s talk about the rooms at Copper Creek.

Let’s Talk about the Studios

Our friends at DVC Fan posted this video. It highlights everything you’ll love about the Studios at Copper Creek.

These rooms cover 340 square feet of space, which makes them slightly smaller than the ones at Boulder Ridge. The Studios there are 356 square feet. It’s not much, but it’ll matter to some. 

As the video shows, the Studio layouts are quite similar. Here’s Boulder Ridge for comparison. 

One standout feature at Copper Creek is the entertainment console/dresser area, which boasts a more modern design. However, it’s worth considering that when you’re staying at a log cabin, you might prefer a more rustic aesthetic. 

Also, Boulder Ridge offers drop-down wall beds, while Copper Creek currently features pullout couches instead. The DVC refurbishment schedule lists changes coming to Copper Creek in 2025. So, the Studios may add the drop-down wall beds then. That’s the current trend. 

The Copper Creek Studios are otherwise fairly generic in that they’re the luxury DVC accommodations you’d expect. They do have two other unique features, though.

The subtle one is that the sitting area table is actually styled after a picnic table, a lovely touch at Wilderness Lodge. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, the waterfall shower feature is life-affirming after a long day at the parks. 

Please note that Copper Creek also hosts Studios that lack the bathtub. In fact, that’s the default The Room Type in the linked video is harder to book. As our own Amy Krieger notes, most of the rooms with bathtubs reside on the first floor. You must specifically book the Deluxe Studio with Walk-in Shower Room Type to get that option instead. 

Let’s Talk about the Villas at Copper Creek

Copper Creek offers three different types of Villas as Room Types. As usual, your options are the One-Bedroom, Two-Bedroom, and Grand Villa. Copper Creek also hosts another distinctive option that we’ll discuss in the next section. 

The One-Bedroom Villa covers a modest 680 square feet of space, which is admittedly on the small side among DVC options. The tidy layout of these rooms consists of the bathroom and master bedroom on one side of the wall with the kitchen and sitting area on the other. These Villas only sleep four, but they do include foldout sofa beds. 

With the Two-Bedroom Villas, you can comfortably sleep eight. These rooms come in several variations such as Lockoffs, Dedicated, and with/without shower tubs in one of the rooms. The master bedroom features a king bed, while the second bedroom includes a queen. There’s also at least one pullout couch and two when you book a Lockoff.

Finally, we have the incredible Grand Villas at Copper Creek. These are monuments to vacation splendor, covering a whopping 2,500 square feet of space. While the Cabins earn most of the glory, the Grand Villas are 47 percent bigger. They also sleep 12, and the other people who stay with you will never forget your generosity in bringing them on the trip. 

In two of the bedrooms, you’ll find a pair of queen beds. The master bedroom features a king bed and an absolutely magnificent master bathroom. Here’s an official Disney video that underscores the greatness of this suite. 

For comparison, a One-Bedroom at Boulder Ridge is 727 square feet, while a Two-Bedroom includes 1,083 square feet. So, both of them are slightly bigger and also more updated. Boulder Ridge had its Hard Goods refurbishment during 2023. As a reminder, Copper Creek will be fresher again in 2025. 

Also, Copper Creek offers two Room Types you won’t find at Boulder Ridge: the Grand Villas and the Cabins. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the showstopper at this resort. 

Let’s Talk about the Cabins at Copper Creek

Okay, let’s be honest. Here’s what you really want to know, as it’s the flashy selling point of Copper Creek, so much so that DVC put the Cabins in the title. Yes, they’re that good, and yes, they live up to the hype. Here’s a Mammoth Club video showing what it’s like to stay in a Cabin.

Somehow, you’re staying in a room only a short boat ride from Magic Kingdom yet feel like you’re secluded in the woods. Your Cabin overlooks the waters here, but it’s also within a forest. This picturesque setting provides a tranquil backdrop for a Disney vacation.

Naturally, DVC members compare the Cabins to the Bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. From a size perspective, there’s simply no debate, though. The Cabins include 400 square feet more space, with a total of 1,700 square feet. That does include a screened porch and hot tub area I’d rank as one of the highlights of the Cabin.

Of course, picking a favorite is tough because it’s such a decadent experience. The Cabins sleep eight, making them ideal for a family or families to travel together. You’ll stay in a cabin in the woods, but it’ll feel opulent and decidedly Disney, straight down to the in-wall fireplace you can see from either side of the wall. 

The Cabins are masterpieces of Disney innovation and fully deserve all the hype they receive. 

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