Carousel Coffee Opens at BoardWalk Villas

Enjoy Disney's Boardwalk Resort with its elegant turn-of-the century Atlantic style!

A new Disney restaurant has opened. This one will warm the hearts of Disney Vacation Club members since it sits near the hotel lobby of a beloved property. Let’s talk about Carousel Coffee at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas.

Carousel Coffee Is Now Serving Guests 

Here’s a video that shows the location of Carousel Coffee:

As you can see, the convenience of this place will make your mornings easier. When you stay at BoardWalk Villas, you can grab some coffee as you walk to EPCOT or the Disney Skyliner. Alternatively, you can get it and take it back to your room. The insular nature of this resort makes the lobby easily accessible for all guests. 

Perhaps the most remarkable part of Carousel Coffee is its size. Lost Bros proves our point in a recent Instagram reel. 

Yes, you can walk through the entire coffee shop in roughly 10 seconds. As small as it is, it’ll satisfy all your needs, though.

On one side, guests will find a refrigerated pastry area that also includes some other grab-and-go items like cereal. The section beside it offers cold drinks, including milk and juice, and Disney’s usual selection of decadent cakes. You’ll find some sandwich wraps, yogurt, and salad options here as well.

I’ll emphasize that BoardWalk Deli remains an exponentially better place to eat a full meal. However, DVC members sometimes don’t need anything like that or have the time to sit down for that sort of meal.

Carousel Coffee delivers exactly what it promises: a coffee shop with pastries and more. You’re likely dining here for snacks and coffee, and it’s perfect for that. 

Carousel Coffee’s Coffee Options

Coffee’s one of those sticky conversations where saying the wrong thing can lead to a knife fight. Since I know everyone is particular about what’s good, here’s what you need to know about Carousel Coffee.

The menu offers a basic French Roast for $3.49. Before you ask, this place serves Joffrey’s Coffee. You’ll need to visit Connections Café at EPCOT if you’re in the “Starbucks or death” camp. 

The opening day menu lists six specialty coffees which range from a Double Espresso ($3.49) to a Cappuccino ($4.79) to a Caramel Macchiato ($5.49). So, we’re talking about $4 to $6 (including tax) for some morning joe.

The restaurant also serves Twinings Hot Tea ($3.49) and Hot Cocoa ($3.49). You’ll find iced coffee here as well. It starts at $4.29 and includes something called a Shakerato for $4.29. 

Finally, there’s a winter seasonal offering called the Cinnamon Bun Frozen Blended Coffee for $5.99. It apparently includes Cinnamon Bun syrup and milk. I’m not even a coffee drinker, and that sounds good to me. 

Other Things DVC Members Should Know

You’ll find Carousel Coffee useful in some other ways. For instance, right beside the exit, utensils and napkins are available, along with some straws. DVC members know how handy these can be during an extended stay.

Similarly, the coffeehouse sells bags of Twinings Tea you can take back to the room. If you want something to snack on, the restaurant offers a delightful Bundle of Chocolate Chip and Sprinkle Sugar Cookies.

Finally, I’ll warn you that Carousel Coffee doesn’t currently offer the annual passholder discount. However, it did hint at some other potential news that will warm your heart. This brand-new restaurant has posted signage regarding the Disney Dining Plan. I see no reason to do that unless Disney expects its return in 2023. Stay tuned!

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