Disney Announces the Island Tower at the Polynesian

After years of rumors and speculation, we are less than one month away from booking reservations at DVC’s newest Walt Disney World resort. Disney has announced the Island Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, and here’s what you need to know about booking here.

Let’s Talk about When You Can Book at the Island Tower

Disney officials didn’t confirm an opening date yet, but we’ll know soon enough. That’s because we know an opening month and the date when DVC members can start booking the hotel.

On June 4th, DVC members get the first opportunity to book at the Island Tower. However, that competitive advantage won’t last long. Annual passholders may reserve hotel rooms starting on June 5th, followed by everyone else on June 6th

So, those DVC members who want to be among the first to stay at the Island Tower should be ready on Tuesday, June 4th. Otherwise, you’ll waste your brief exclusive window. 

When Will the Island Tower Open?

We’ll know for sure on or before June 4th. After all, once the booking window opens, we can verify which dates are available. 

Notably, Disney has kept its word about a late 2024 opening, though. Today’s announcement suggests that the Island Tower will open in December, which is a bit over six months from now.

Disney officials also released some new illustrations as part of the big reveal. You can examine some of the concept art in this Scott Gustin tweet:

As you can see, the hammock and palm trees create a relaxing backdrop for the Island Tower. Meanwhile, the interior shots appear perfectly in keeping with the theming and spirit of the nearby Great Ceremonial House.

You’re still staying at the Polynesian, a 53-year-old icon of Walt Disney World culture. Management wants you to feel at home here rather than focusing on what’s different. So, the new additions appear symmetrical rather than standalone, the perfect touch for a new entity at a storied locale. 

What Has Disney Said about the Island Tower?

Disney sent a press release on Friday, May 10th, as part of its Island Tower announcement. You can read the document in its entirety here

The statement highlights the magnificence of the ten-story tower while also emphasizing that DVC will add plenty of much-needed Studios to its Walt Disney World inventory. Disney also confirmed Duo Studios, One- and Two-Bedroom Villas, and Two-Bedroom Penthouse Villas. 

Yes, you read that correctly. The Island Tower will include Penthouse Villas!!! Just as importantly, the various room types will satisfy traveling parties of all sizes, with rooms sleeping as few as one or two or as many as nine. 

In terms of design, Disney put plenty of thought into the Island Tower’s art. The press release notes that “the striking waterfront retreat will immerse guests in the charm of the South Pacific islands, the thrill of exploration, and the beauty of the natural world.”

Bill Diercksen, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of DVC, adds the following: “With stunning views of Magic Kingdom Park and beautiful interiors that bring you into the storytelling of the South Pacific Islands, the Island Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows will be a spectacular addition to Walt Disney World Resort right in the heart of the magic.”

In short, we’ll enjoy an amazing sensation of tropical escapism as soon as the Island Tower opens in December. Better yet, DVC members are only about three weeks from booking our first stays at the Polynesian’s expansion tower!

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