DVC Resale Average Sales Prices for September 2019

This article features the average sales price of contracts categorized by resort and month sold for September 2018 through September 2019. Our goal is for this to provide great directional information for anyone considering a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resale purchase or just wanting to satisfy a general curiosity of prices and trends.

Keep in mind that prices of a resort can still easily vary based on the size of the contract in points, the current point availability of the contract (i.e., points current, banked and borrowed) as well as other various factors (i.e., extended Old Key West contract, subsidized dues contracts, etc.). For example, contracts that are smaller and have higher point availability tend to sell for more than the average price per point and vice versa.

Trends Observed in September

The majority of DVC Resorts saw their resale prices remain steady in September. The exceptions were Aulani, Grand Floridian and Grand Californian to a lesser degree. Aulani and Grand Floridian DVCs both took over 7% declines in September.

For Grand Floridian the dip represented a return to its pre-summer pricing. With low inventory levels and news of a direct walking path to Magic Kingdom we saw Grand Floridian experience an all-time high in DVC resales pricing. However, with nearly 50 listings at the time of this article at DVC Resale Market alone, I wouldn’t expect a return to those all-time prices anytime soon.

For Aulani, the decrease took the average selling price to the upper 80s per point. Historically, we have observed dips in Aulani pricing, and when prices decline for Aulani, the sales pace picks up quickly. Aulani is typically a slower-paced seller when compared to other DVC resorts, and when the sales pace increases we usually see a quick bounce back in pricing. This potentially, short-term pricing downturn for Aulani could represent a good opportunity for buyers.

Aulani Resort Pool View

Grand Californian has experienced a gradual decline in average selling price since the beginning of the year. In 2018, Grand Californian experienced all-time high average selling prices reaching in the lower 200s per point, so despite the decline this year, Grand Californian still remains one of the most, if not the most expensive DVC resorts to purchase. In 2018, with the news of a potential 2nd DVC Resort at Disneyland put on an indefinite hold due to local politics, and Disney raising the direct price significantly, it was no surprise to see the resale pricing of Grand Californian increase. Now, in 2019, more inventory of Grand Californian has entered the market due to many owners who rarely, if ever, use the Grand Californian Home Resort Priority deciding to cash in on the high resale value.

DVC Resale Price Changes for Walt Disney World (WDW) Resorts

Below is a chart and graph detailing the average prices per point for each WDW DVC Resort, September 2018 – September 2019:

Average Sales Prices WDW Resorts Sep '18 to Sep '19


Average Sales Prices Graph WDW Resorts Sep'18 to Sep. '19

DVC Resale Price Changes for Non-Resorts

Below is a chart and graph detailing the average prices per point for each Non-WDW DVC Resort, September 2018 – September 2019:

Graph of Avg. Sales Prices Non WDW Sept. '18 to Sep. '19

Average Sales Prices Non WDW Resorts Sep. '18 to Sep. '19


DVC Resale Prices Compared to Direct DVC Prices

Below is a chart comparing the DVC Resale Market prices to Direct Resale prices:

Resort Resale
(Based on September ’19 Sales Data)
(Disney Vacation Development)
Difference Per Point
(Direct – Resale)
Percentage Savings with Resale
Animal Kingdom $114 $176 $62 35%
Aulani $89 $188 $99 53%
Bay Lake Tower $149 $225 $76 34%
Beach Club $156 $225 $69 31%
Boardwalk $134 $190 $56 29%
Boulder Ridge $110 $176 $66 38%
Copper Creek $154 $210 $56 27%
Grand Californian $181 $260 $79 30%
Grand Floridian $175 $245 $70 29%
Hilton Head $75 $125 $50 40%
Old Key West $103 $156 $53 34%
Polynesian $148 $235 $87 37%
Saratoga Springs $107 $160 $53 33%
Vero Beach $69 $110 $41 37%

*Direct price does not reflect any promotional discounts DVC may be offering

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