DVC Resale Price Changes

The Mary Poppins Penguin fountain inside Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

If you know Disney Vacation Club history you may be aware that in 1991 the price of Old Key West per point was $51 directly purchased from Disney and today in 2015 Old Key West points are sold directly from Disney at $135/pt.  But, how much do DVC resale prices change overtime?  Well, we started tracking it.  Below is a chart showing a six month change of the average DVC resale asking price categorized by resort from Sep. ’14 to Mar.’15.

In summary, there were 8 resorts that went up in price, 2 resorts that went down in price and 2 resorts that remained neutral.  Seeing more increases than decreases is not surprising as the last 6 months have included a large price increase  by Disney on Disney Vacation Club’s sold out inventory, a near sell out of the Grand Floridian by the developer and a price increase by Disney on their newer resorts.  The biggest changes were with the Grand Floridian (+13/pt.) and Bay Lake Tower (+8/pt.).  Although there is no exact science in an open market place of buyers and sellers the most popular theory for the increase in the Grand Floridian prices have been the imminent sell-out of this resort from the developer, Disney Vacation Development (DVD) and the increasing knowledge of a need for home resort priority at such a popular resort.   The large increase in Bay Lake Tower may have come from a lot of potential Polynesian Resort buyers.  Often, one of the comments made by recent resale purchasers of Bay Lake Tower was they were waiting to see all the details about the new Disney Vacation Club Resort at the Polynesian before making a buying decision.  And once they found out the details of Disney’s Polynesian Resort and Bungalows, the lower dues, opportunity for 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and grand villas and the opportunity to still be on the monorail with a resale Bay Lake Tower contract was very appealing.

ResortAvg. Cost Per Point:  Sep. ’14Avg. Cost Per Point:  Mar. ’156 Month Change Per Point
Saratoga Springs$78$78+-0
Bay Lake Tower$104$112+8
Grand Californian$134$132-2
Animal Kingdom$81$83+2
Old Key West$71$73+2
Grand Floridian$135$148+13
Hilton Head$61$61+-0
Wilderness Lodge$79$81+2
Beach Club$95$93-2
Vero Beach$48$53+5
* Average cost per point based on average asking price across resale market from Sep. ’14 and Mar. ’15 according to disneydvcresale.com



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