Five Reasons to Own at the Polynesian

Disney's Polynesian Resort

Did you notice our Facebook post on Wednesday? DVC Resale Market received an influx of resales contracts at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort & Spa.

You’re probably wondering whether one of these contracts would help you win Christmas. Here are five reasons to own at the Polynesian.

The Great Ceremonial House

When you enter the lobby at the Polynesian, you’ll instantly know where you are.

A fragrant aroma welcomes you, filling your nostrils with the glorious scent of the South Seas.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

I’ve spent – no joke – hundreds of dollars on candles and wax warmers so that I can bring this scent home with me.

Of course, that’s far from the only reason you’ll love the lobby. The Great Ceremonial House features two stores, a bar, some restaurants, and a special snack shack in the back.

On the bottom floor, you’ll find BouTiki, one of the best stores at any DVC resort in the world. It’s in my top two alongside Bay View Gifts at Bay Lake Tower.

BouTiki sells apparel, souvenirs, candies, and much more. I bought my favorite hoodie ever at BouTiki and currently have a Tommy Bahamas shirt in my regular rotation from there.

On the top floor, Moana Mercantile, which is NOT named for the movie, serves as the general store, at least on one side.

The other features even more merchandise, including a lot of Lilo & Stitch stuff. They’re currently the main characters here, although Moana is rising fast.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Then, there’s…

The Restaurants

When Walt Disney World reopened after the pandemic, Disney fans vented about the absence of a specific restaurant.

Yes, we all missed ‘Ohana, the family-style restaurant that serves massive portions of several different Polynesian dishes. And the meal always ends with Bread Pudding. This place is the best.

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However, Kona Café is a close second. Here, you can order coffee and Tonga Toast in the morning or one of Disney’s best steaks later in the day.

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I tend to eat at ‘Ohana for breakfast and then Kona Café for dinner, at least when the former restaurant is running its character meal.

Either way, I always spend some time at the shack just beyond the lobby. It’s Pineapple Lanai, one of the few non-theme park locations where you can order Dole Whip!

While you’re at the Great Ceremonial House, you can also grab a quick meal at Capt. Cook’s, one of the best counter service restaurants in the DVC program.

On your way there, you could also stop at the legendary Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, home of the best glow drinks on the Disney campus.

The bar and decorations at Trader Sam's at Disney Vacation Club Polynesian Village Resort

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I’m not exaggerating when I say that the dining options at the Polynesian are as good as it gets.

The Monorail

The logistics at this resort are terrific, too. Boats run to and from Magic Kingdom. And buses will take you anywhere else.

Guests here in need of some exercise can even enjoy a scenic walk to Magic Kingdom. A path leads to Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, which recently added a walkway to the park.

The whole trip takes about 30-40 minutes, presuming you’re strolling along at a steady pace.

Finally, the Polynesian features a recently rebuilt monorail station when you want to get to the park quickly.

Disney literally tore the old one down and built the station back up again. So now, it’s new and clean and gorgeous.

Better yet, you’re only a few resort stops away from Magic Kingdom.

However, if you’d prefer to head straight there, the back of the Polynesian connects to the Transportation & Ticket Center. So you have your pick of Magic Kingdom or EPCOT monorails here!

The DVC Contract Expiration Date

Quick! What do you have planned for January of 2066? Well, if your calendar is still clear — and robots haven’t enslaved humanity by then — you can spend your final few days enjoying membership at the Polynesian.

Yes, a contract here lasts through January 31st, 2066! Friends, that’s more than 44 years from now.

Bungalow at Polynesian DVC resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

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Even if you just turned 18 this morning, you’ll still own here until you’re at/near retirement age.

Meanwhile, if you’re my age, well, you probably won’t live that long…and that’s okay! Remember that you can deed these contracts to family members!

So, buying a contract at the Polynesian today guarantees you and your family/next of kin a marvelous family vacation for the next four decades…and then some!

I quite like the idea that long after I’m gone, my nieces and nephews will still be taking their kids to Disney on my dime.

The Bungalows

Admittedly, this one won’t apply to every visit. In truth, it’s probably a once-every-few-years opportunity for most people.

Staying at a Polynesian Bungalow starts at 115 points per night and reaches as much as 227 nightly points in 2022.

Disney Vacation Club Polynesian Village Resort's plunge pool overlooking the lake.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

So, your choices are spending four-to-seven days in a Studio here or one night in a Bungalow for the same price.

Sometimes, we all need to splurge, though. It’s impossible to do any better than these suites.

In fact, here’s one of my favorite influencers spending Christmas Eve at a Bungalow:

That dude was living the dream. He woke up on Christmas morning, stared across Bay Lake, and saw Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain off in the distance.

That’s reason enough to want to own here…and you’ll probably want a larger contract to make sure you can book a Bungalow at times.

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