Grand Floridian to Triple DVC Inventory—And What it Means for DVC Members

For a while now, rumors have persisted that DVC has canceled plans for Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge.

Most recently, Disney officials filed paperwork to remove the construction buildings from the assigned property.

Unlocking DVC Inventory

Even as this mystery has built, DVC sales have increased, causing a need for more inventory.

Disney has come up with a fascinating solution, as it will add DVC inventory at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Potential at Grand Floridian

Currently, the Grand Floridian includes the smallest inventory of any Walt Disney World resort participating in DVC.

That will change soon, as DVC will enter what it’s describing as Phase 2 of its Grand Floridian presence.

Interestingly, this decision will impact future buyers. DVC won’t reset the clock on expiration dates since this qualifies as an expansion.

Instead, your ownership interest will still last until 2064, whether you already bought at the Grand Floridian or will during Phase 2 (or later).

What We Know about Grand Floridian Phase 2

DVC inventory discussions are messy, but let’s generalize here and say that the Grand Floridian lists about 100 rooms.

Technically, that’s a bit high, but it’s a good baseline. Disney plans to triple capacity by introducing 200 more rooms.

Specifically, Building Nine, the Big Pine Key, will become DVC-focused.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

You may recognize that building as one close to the water, the courtyard pool, and the monorail, meaning that it features terrific amenities.

By changing this building to DVC, Disney will add roughly 1.5 million points to the system.

These rooms will host up to five guests. The room size is up for debate. As you know, standard Disney rooms have different square footage than DVC.

The basic room types at the Grand Floridian are actually slightly larger than the resort’s studios.

Grand Floridian Possibilities

Disney could take advantage of this by introducing bigger rooms. In truth, these new rooms at Building Nine could prove more appealing.

This place is closer to integral parts of the resort campus. The only thing the old DVC building has in its favor is the penguin fountain.

Just as importantly, DVC will add a new property to the current program, which primarily includes Sold Out resorts.

Right now, Disney has limited the choices to the Riviera and Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas. And that’s why so many people buy via resales.

The direct options aren’t that good, but more rooms at a monorail resort would help.

What this Means for DVC Members

For you as a DVC member, this news should put a song in your heart. You’ll find (more than) three times as many rooms in the system.

In other words, you’re three times as likely to book a room at the seven-month window once DVC adds this inventory.

These new rooms will on sale during the summer of 2022, which means we’re almost a year away from new DVC inventory.

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