Let’s Talk about the Rooms at Boulder Ridge Villas

Every room at a Disney Vacation Club property will dazzle you with its amenities and theming. That’s what makes membership so great, but it’s also why you’ll struggle when choosing where to buy and book. 

You want to maximize your investment and sprinkle a bit more Pixie Dust on your vacation plans. To do that, you need to understand all your booking options. So, let’s talk about the rooms at Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, one of the coziest options. 

Let’s Talk about the Studios

When you book at Boulder Ridge Villas, you’re choosing that log cabin lifestyle throughout your stay. You’ll love all the rustic details on display at the hotel and especially inside your room.

You can tell the Disney difference the instant you enter a Studio. These rooms cover 356 square feet of space, placing them squarely in the middle of DVC studios in terms of size. Somehow, they feel bigger, though.

I suspect the explanation involves the theming, as you’ll encounter a wooden door on your way into the room. So, your perception is that you’re entering a small log cabin-style space. 

Instead, Disney surprises you with an efficient, convenient room layout. In fact, DVC recently redesigned these rooms to create an even roomier vibe. 

As you walk into the Studio, you’ll notice a stylish bathroom on one side, although you may get distracted first. The updated rooms include some wilderness photos, and the first one you see features Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s shadows if you look closely enough. Hidden Mickey seekers could get obsessed. 

In the bathroom area, two wooden doors look like they’re the front of a barn, but it’s a cleverly disguised closet. On the opposite side, the single wooden door hides a surprisingly modern bathroom shower setup.

Across from the bathroom section, you’ll find the kitchenette. It’s a typical style, one you know from other DVC hotel stays. This area includes a Keurig coffee maker, a toaster, a microwave, a mini-refrigerator, cabinets filled with plates and glasses, a utensils drawer, and a sink. 

What I particularly appreciate about the redesign is the living room/bedroom area. As you approach this section, your eyes may wander to the coffee table, which looks like a 19th-century steamer trunk. 

Don’t get too distracted, though! You’ll miss the pulldown bed hiding in plain sight under the HDTV. As is the case with several recent DVC renovations, Boulder Ridge has built the pulldown in such a way that it hides in plain sight until you’re ready to use it. When you do, you’re rewarded with a picture of Chip ‘n’ Dale!

Across the room on the other wall, there’s also a pulldown above the sofa. So, little ones will love sleeping here, but the beds are plenty big enough for grownups, too. 

Thanks to the clever design, this side of the room feels warm and inviting. Also, you’ll love the pictures on the walls, especially the Geyser Point in-joke. 

Let’s Talk about the One-Bedroom Villas

You’ll gain quite a bit more space plus a washer/dryer unit when you upgrade to a One-Bedroom Villa. These suites offer the same amenities as the Studios, but you’ll also receive a few more luxuries. 

For instance, a full-sized kitchen comes standard in the Villas. You can tell how charming it is in this Disney promotional video.

As you can tell, you’re adding a full-sized refrigerator, a stove, an overkill amount of cabinet space, and even some barstools. So, you can sit around and chat even if you don’t plan to cook.

These Villas cover 727 square feet of space, and you’ll notice it the most in the hangout area. There’s a dining room table parallel to the couch, with a pulldown bed hidden above this spot. 

Something I love about this Villa is how modular the master bedroom is. It genuinely feels like its own private space, isolated from the hangout area and kitchen. 

The one note about this room is that some DVC members aren’t as enthusiastic about the décor. Disney definitely took some chances with the color schemes. 

Oddly, Disney’s official site suggests that the Villa sleeps four guests plus one infant, while the Studio sleeps five plus an infant. That’s an important distinction when traveling as part of a larger party. 

Let’s Talk about the Two-Bedroom Villas

Of course, if you are traveling with a larger party, you should probably pick a Two-Bedroom Villa instead, presuming that you have enough DVC Points. These rooms cover 1,080 square feet of space, and while the math doesn’t quite check out, the Two-Bedrooms feel like a combination of a One-Bedroom and a Studio. 

So, you get the best of both worlds when you book Boulder Ridge’s largest suite. Also, you can sleep up to eight guests plus one infant. It’s ideal for larger families or those who prefer to stretch out in their Villas. 

For my money, the additions here more than justify spending roughly 30 percent more DVC Points than for a One-Bedroom Villa. Ordinarily, I argue the opposite at most DVC properties, but the Two-Bedroom’s value at Boulder Ridge is terrific. 

Also, while I realize this is a personal opinion, I prefer the aesthetics in the Two-Bedroom. I find the One-Bedroom’s wallpaper and other elements a bit gaudy. So, you have the blessing of a stranger to splurge at Boulder Ridge and book the best possible DVC room!

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