What DVC Members Love About Saratoga Springs

When you use the Disney Vacation Club for hotel stays, you’ll discover one unmistakable truth. At some point, you will stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa. 

This resort offers the largest inventory selection at Walt Disney World. More importantly, it often maintains availability later than other DVC resorts in Orlando. So, you’ll eventually stay here if for no other reason than a lack of other options.

Thankfully, this resort exemplifies everything marvelous about the DVC program. Here’s what DVC members love about Saratoga Springs. 

Room Features

Saratoga Springs has recently undergone a comprehensive refurbishment. Disney did so much here that even the hotel pools have experienced renovations, and some will continue through the first quarter of 2023. 

For this reason, much of the Saratoga Springs campus feels fresh and new. That’s particularly true of the rooms. They possess the resort’s overall horse racing theme, although much of it is subtle. Then again, you will notice a picture of horses wearing hats the instant you enter a studio.

These rooms contain 355 square feet of space in a long, thin design. Virtually all the functional space resides in a narrow, rectangular area to maximize efficiency. Some DVC studios operate at odd angles, but Saratoga Springs rooms are straight lines. 

For this reason, the bathroom entrance, the closet, and the foot of the queen bed are almost parallel. At the far side of the entrance, a pullout sofa sits across from a table and chairs. This area leads to the balcony, which means you do most of your lounging in the back half of the studios. 

Disney has positioned the dinette area across from the closet and open portion of the bathroom. As usual, the DVC rooms come standard with a dishwasher, sink, coffee maker, and mini fridge. 

Other Room Types

The villas add a full kitchen plus a washer/dryer to the studio’s deluxe accommodations. The one-bedroom villas are 714 square feet, while the two-bedroom villas cover 1,075 square feet. Also, some of the two-bedroom villas come with double patio seating, which is lovely. 

Of course, the dream of every DVC member isn’t either of these room types, though. It’s not even the Grand Villa, even though these three-bedroom mega-suites contain a whopping 2,113 square feet of space and sleep 12.

Instead, the fantasy of DVC members is spending some time at the Treehouse Villas, the octagonal cabins in the woods at Saratoga Springs. These secluded villas are basically two-bedroom standalone cabins with 1,074 square feet of space. 

They’re paradise in the middle of nowhere, but you’ll also find convenient boats and buses to everything you love at Disney. Treehouse Villas are legitimately among the best DVC rooms overall to book.

The other consideration with Saratoga Springs room features is choosing the room type. You may spend more points for a Preferred room. That choice is usually worth the extra points, at least for my family.

Disney built Saratoga Springs on the former Disney Institute campus. This land covers a massive amount of space and features several different buildings. 

When you book a Preferred room, you guarantee you’re staying at Congress Park or The Springs. Congress Park is just a short walk across the bridge from Disney Springs, while The Springs resides close to the hotel lobby. These are desired locations that save DVC members time and aggravation. 


Realistically, your best Saratoga Springs dining options aren’t at the resort itself. You will find some solid restaurants here, though.

For example, The Artist’s Palette is right beside the hotel lobby and also shares space with the resort’s general store. The convenience is off the charts, while the food is, well, perfectly adequate. 

A fine dining experience is also available at The Turf Club Bar and Grill, which serves an underrated combination of seafood and steaks. Also, a pool place called The Paddock Grill serves decent sandwiches. 

However, when you eat at Saratoga Springs, the opportunity cost involves Disney Springs. You’re right by the entertainment complex that serves some of the best flavors in Central Florida. The locals eat at Disney Springs, and you should, too.

When you stay at Saratoga Springs, you’re ensuring yourself the best possible meals at places like Art Smith’s Homecomin’, The BOATHOUSE, and The Polite Pig. There’s no reason to dine elsewhere. 

Resort Amenities

I already mentioned the excellent general store here, The Artist’s Palette Shop. It’s legitimately one of the most comprehensive DVC resort stores in the world.

The hotel also offers several pools, which explains why it can refurbish multiple ones simultaneously. Each campus area like The Paddock comes with its own pool. The main one is near the lobby, but many DVC fans prefer the quiet pools instead. 

You’ll find three different playgrounds here as well. They’re usually in the general vicinity of the pools. 

Speaking of DVC members, the resort’s name isn’t lost on any of us. Senses Spa at Saratoga Springs remains impressive enough to keep it in the title. 

Finally, the golf at Saratoga Springs is top-notch. Disney’s Lake Buena Vista Golf Course is easy to find and delivers a high-end round. The PGA Tour has hosted multiple events here. It’s that good!

Resort Activities 

You can and should visit the campfire at DVC Courtyard at least once during your trip. Disney hosts this activity from 5:30 to 6:30 each evening. 

Saratoga Springs offers Movies under the Stars four nights a week as well. It’s a popular event wherein Disney resorts exhibit beloved films on a projection scene in the courtyard. 

You’ll find plenty of leisure activities if you want a more active vacation. Jogging courses run throughout the extended resort campus. You can hang out at the tennis and basketball courts, too. You can even rent Surrey Bikes and ride around this gorgeous resort. 

Finally, the community hall hosts several interactive games and activities like foosball and various arts and crafts classes. Oh, and Saratoga Springs hosts fishing excursions, too! You’ll never lack entertainment options when staying here.

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