What to Look for When Selling a DVC Membership

Google Search for DVC Resale

Are you ready to sell a Disney Vacation Club contract? You could have several reasons for doing so. Perhaps you’ve had an unexpected expense and need some quick cash. Maybe you have too many points that have either gone unused or you had to rent them out/give them away. It’s even possible that you’re a bit tired of Disney…although that’s difficult for a lot of us to believe. The point is that you have your reasons for selling your contract, and you need to know what to look for in a listing agency. Here’s a guide to picking the right DVC reseller.

Do Some Research on DVC Resale Companies

Word-of-mouth matters for any kind of sale. How a business treats its customers goes a long way in indicating whether they’re a trustworthy entity. When you weigh your options for resellers, you should investigate several aspects of their reputation.

The most important one is a site’s Google ranking. Perform a search for “DVC resale” or the like. Any site that doesn’t have a high Google placement on the front page is a problem for you. Sites with low placement won’t have as many potential customers for your contract. That’s because many buyers aren’t familiar with the process. So, they rely on Google searches to find listings.

Google search for DVC Resale

Since the overwhelming majority of Google users click only the top links on the results page, those are the contracts that will sell quickly. Anything listed beneath the fold on page one of Google will have fewer potential buyers. This subtle factor will reduce the speed with which you get rid of your contract and get paid.

You should also check a reseller’s online reviews. Perform a Google search to see if any criticisms exist. If they do, evaluate whether you believe that the reseller handled the situations correctly. You should also monitor social media to see how approachable a reseller is. Sites that have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds that haven’t updated for months are worrisome. These places aren’t as active or they are understaffed, which means they won’t move your contract quickly.

Ask Around about DVC Resellers

The first step is to ask around for referrals. Plenty of online forums have experienced DVC members who have interacted with DVC resellers on multiple occasions. Ask these people what they think of the various businesses in the marketplace. Find out what they liked and didn’t like about their transactions. You’ll do more than find out which resellers are best. You’ll also discover how the DVC resales process works and what potential hiccups you may face along the way.

One of the best options for feedback is the various Facebook Disney Vacation Club groups. I’m in several of these groups myself, and I’ve learned a lot over the years from other members. Many of the people here want to help other DVC customers maximize their experiences. DVC Resale Market sponsors DVC – Disney Vacation Club , Disney Vacation Club Members , and DVC Online, so those are the three Facebook groups that this site recommends.  There are many others, though. All of them have strong communities of existing and former DVC members who can offer guidance and tutelage in the resale process.

Check Credentials of the DVC Resale Company

Some of the most famous real estate scams involve the timeshare marketplace. While the Disney Vacation Club isn’t looked at as a traditional timeshare, some of the shady people in that industry occasionally try to con DVC members, too.

One of their stunts is to purchase a list of DVC members, information that should be anonymous, and then cold-call owners in an attempt to “buy” their contracts. In reality, no money will exchange hands. The thief wants to get a person to sign over a real estate ownership interest, but they will find ways to avoid payment.

A simple litmus test will shield you from such scams. Ask the DVC vendor for information about their real estate credentials. You want to make certain that the person has a license to sell real estate in the state of Florida and other states that host DVC properties.  Make sure the company you are dealing with has an actual commercial office location.  Even if they are not a scam they are likely missing out on potential buyers without a professional office.  While many people are comfortable buying over the internet, others way still want to meet in person.

DVC vendors are no different than any other real estate agent. They must pass tests to prove competence in the profession as well as an understanding for and respect toward federal and state real estate laws. If someone doesn’t want to show you their credentials, they’re not a real estate agent with the ability to sell DVC property. They’re simply posturing like they are in order to perpetrate a felony.

You should also check on liability insurance. Any decent real estate agent will carry professional liability insurance (PLI). Sometimes, disputes arise between advisors and clients. PLI makes sure that all parties have financial protection in the event of a lawsuit. While this is a wildly unlikely turn of events, you want an agent to carry it. Otherwise, they’re not demonstrating long-term thinking with their decisions, which is cause for concern about their business acumen. Smart employers always protect themselves against worst-case scenarios.

Check Performance of the DVC Reseller

You have a real estate holding that you want to sell to a different party. Your goal is simple. You want to sell your ownership interest at the highest possible rate and in a reasonable amount of time. That way, you maximize your profit. And as a DVC owner, you know that your contract probably has increased in value since the date of purchase, possibly even by a large amount.

You need a DVC reseller who will handle your contract efficiently. You want a company that will attract plenty of potential buyers, and an increase in demand leads to an increase in price. After all, if you’re biting the bullet and selling your beloved DVC contract, you at least deserve to make the most money that you can. That’s why you should look at the most popular DVC resellers in the marketplace. Examine the various contracts that have sold recently. Then, determine which businesses have done the best job of maximizing profit for resellers. Additionally, make sure your DVC reseller is utilizing technology to reach mass numbers of DVC buyers in multiple ways: company app, social media, live chat, Google ranking, etc.

To get an estimate of the value of your DVC contract please see: Estimate DVC Resale Value.

At the same time, you should check to see who has handled the most contracts over a set period of time. Volume matters in the DVC resales industry. The best businesses attract the most customers and turn over the largest number of listings. You should pick a reseller that has proven over time that it can achieve high-volume sales while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Monitor Responsiveness of the DVC Resale Staff

During your introductory conversations with a DVC reseller, pay careful attention to how quickly they respond. The way that a business interacts with potential customers goes a long way in showing how they’ll behave once they have a listing.

A company that is slow to respond to your emails will act the same way when a potential buyer inquires about a listing. Conversely, a business that is dutiful with their replies and makes you feel like you’re the most important client that they have will demonstrate the same behavior with others. This special dose of customer service will lead to quicker sales and smoother contract processing.

Make sure the business is open 7 days a week, and is well staffed so regardless if an agent is sick or on vacation your transaction will continue to go smoothly.

In this manner, the DVC resales market is no different than any other business. Would you rather work with someone who makes you feel special or would you rather work with someone callous who seems indifferent to your situation, possibly even annoyed by your questions?

Value Transparency of any Company Reselling DVC

One of the most important traits in business is honesty. Sometimes, the hard word isn’t what you want to hear as a customer, but that bit of truth is precisely what you need to hear to advance your cause. For example, you may want too much for your contract or expect an unreasonable turnaround time for the transaction. A good resale agent will tell you the truth, even at the risk of aggravating you. These professionals understand the long-term benefits of realistic expectations.

Check around to find out if their listing prices sound fair and reasonable.  For example, find out is the company deliberately under pricing listings for quick and easy sales.  If so, the seller is the victim when under pricing occurs.  Conversely, make sure they are not pricing listings unrealistically high just get your listing in hopes of you substantially lowering the price later.

Any good reseller will start a contract listing conversation by asking what you want and what you need as a client. You should value the agents who let you know when what you want isn’t attainable. They’re doing you a favor. The last thing that you want is to have several stop-and-start attempts at selling your DVC contract. Each one can delay the exchange of money by weeks, sometimes even months. A blunt reply may not make you happy in the short-term, but it’s often the best way to ensure that you’re a satisfied customer in the end.

Similarly, you should respect a listing agent who is, if anything, too transparent. Few sales professionals are willing to offer you the best possible advice when it’s to their own detriment. When you find someone who does that, you’ve discovered the perfect agent to trust with your contract. You will know that no matter what happens, this salesperson will always have your best interests at heart.

Read the Fine Print from the DVC Reseller

Never trust a pushy salesperson. That’s a life lesson that exists beyond the discussion of the DVC resales industry. When you speak with a vendor, is the salesperson working too aggressively to get you to sign a contract? That’s a warning side.

DVC resales shouldn’t involve high pressure sales tactics. The Disney Vacation Club is a wonderful program that basically sells itself. That means contracts come and go quickly, something you’ve likely noticed in reading the listings here at DVC Resale Market. A real estate agent has no reason to rush you in signing paperwork.

When someone does, you should read the documentation carefully. Odds are good that the terms in the contract are favorable toward the real estate agency, not you. To wit, some unscrupulous vendors want you to sign an agreement that states you will pay them for the listing no matter what. Even if you sell the contract on your own or with a different broker without their assistance, they will still expect payment for services rendered…which is mind-boggling since they haven’t performed any services! In extreme cases, a contract will state that you must pay the listing agency even if you choose not to sell your contract. That’s the kind of shameless business behavior you may face when you don’t read the fine print.

At DVC Resale Market, the philosophy is that the listing agents are here to serve the customers. You won’t find any shady wording in the fine print of our documents. With DVC Resale Market there is no listing term requirement and listings can be withdrawn at any time with no cost or obligation.  The goal is to satisfy DVC buyers and sellers, especially since buyers often become sellers and vice versa. You can list with confidence here. This listing agency cares about you as a customer and will take care of you. It’s the benefit of exclusively hiring former Disney Vacation Club employees to handle all of our resales transactions.

Learn more about buying and selling with DVC Resale Market.


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