An Easier Airport Experience and Other DVC Notes

You can make your next stop at Orlando International Airport easier. I’ll explain and toss in some other DVC updates you need to know.

Scheduled Security Checks

Here’s an idea I never knew I needed until the first time I heard it.

Orlando International Airport’s (MCO) official Twitter account recently posted this:

This Tweet was a record scratch moment for many of us. Thanks to Clear, you can now schedule a time to perform your security scan at MCO!

Nothing’s ever as easy as it sounds, but the tweet states that passengers will “just show up at that time, scan your reservation and go through an exclusive & shorter lane.”

If that’s true, it’s magic that even Disney might not be able to match.

Please note that this is a pilot program, meaning it’s not sure to last. Also, it is free to use, and you don’t need to be a Clear member to do so.

As such, you have every reason to try it during your next trip. Here’s the signup form.

DVC Updates

Tim at DVC News noticed something that could have a positive impact on your next hotel stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

The official DVC Points Chart has been updated to reflect that one-bedroom villas now sleep five, while two-bedrooms sleep nine.

This change came due to the recent room renovations, which explains the caveat at the bottom of the page. It states:

“Sleeping capacity in one-bedroom and two-bedroom accommodations at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort are subject to change, with the potential removal of the single pull-down bunk-size bed.”

I read that as Saratoga Springs not committing to the pull-down long-term. So while it’s available, you can squeeze in another person per villa.

Meanwhile, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the renovations haven’t quite finished yet, which is something of a surprise.

Photo Courtesy of


A subcontractor for Disney has filed a General Construction permit. It’s the vaguest document possible.

So, I have no additional information on impending changes. Don’t be surprised if you see more walled-off areas during your next visit, though.

While we’re talking about the Contemporary, registration has started for the 2021 Condominium Association Meeting. DVC will hold this meeting n December 9th at 2 p.m. in one of the hotel’s conference rooms.

Even More DVC Updates and a Bit of Wild Speculation

Speaking of permits, Disney finally intends to do something about the ridiculous traffic around Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

A user at the WDWMagic forums uncovered permits that suggest Floridian Way will expand from two to four lanes. Simultaneously, these roads will add three roundabouts.

The location of the three roundabouts adds some intrigue. One is near the Transportation and Ticket Center, another at Grand Floridian, and the third at its overflow parking area.

You can look at some pictures here that show the significance of this change. If/when this construction finishes, Disney will have a new parcel of land close to Magic Kingdom.

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but that’s where a Grand Floridian expansion could go…or even a new resort.

As a reminder, Destination D23 takes place on November 19th. So if there’s something to announce, Disney would have the perfect opportunity then.

Finally, I’ve got great news for DVC owners at every Walt Disney World property except for Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Perhaps impacted by recent negative headlines and court losses, the Orange County Property Appraiser has lowered tax appraisal for all DVC resorts other than the Riviera.

As a reminder, DVC rolls these costs into your membership dues as part of an amount that you pay in advance.

Again, I don’t want to get too excited here, but members may receive credits for the overbilling.

Alas, the 2020 billing cycle was wildly out of whack due to other pandemic-related issues. So, you may pay more for your membership dues anyway.

We’ll know after the 2021 Condominium Association Meeting in five weeks.

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