Best DVC Resort Gift Shops

In a perfect world, we’d all spend tons of time at World of Disney, overflowing our shopping carts with Minnie Mouse merchandise.

Alas, life gets in the way, even on vacation. Sometimes, we’re just not up to the aggravation of massive crowds and long lines.

So, we stick to the resorts for our shopping needs. Here are the best DVC resort gift shops at Walt Disney World.

Bayview Gifts – Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

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Something I love about DVC is that many of us love Resort Hopping. Even if you’re not staying at a hotel, you still might spend time there.

We all savor a relaxing afternoon of shopping and enjoying the amenities, especially those of us who have been in DVC a while and done everything at the parks.

Bayview Gifts functions as the ideal shop for people in that category. It’s a monorail stop away from Magic Kingdom, making it easily accessible.

When you exit the monorail, you find yourself mere steps away from this store, along with the Fantasia shops right beside it.

So, you’ll have your choice of a general store that sells DVC merch, a high-end toy store, and Bayview Gifts itself.

This place sells everything from candy to Disney art. You can buy clothes and cutlery at the same shop!

I have at least three outfits in my closet that I bought here, but I also have Christmas ornaments in a box in the attic that also come from Bayview Gifts.

The eclectic supply guarantees that you’ll find something you like. I just don’t know whether it’ll be a cookbook or a bathing suit.

Beach Club Marketplace – Disney’s Beach Club Villas

Disney's Beach Club Garden exterior

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Some of what I just said about Bayview Gifts applies here as well. This store is looooong, with an east-west design.

When you enter from the hotel lobby, you’ll stand amongst many clothing and Disney merchandise options.

As you walk to the other end of the store, you’ll discover a Quick Service restaurant.

In truth, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a DVC member who hasn’t hungrily snagged a slice of pizza here at some point. We all get desperate at night.

Humorously, pizza isn’t on the menu now, as the restaurant has prioritized sandwiches during the pandemic.

Still, you can load up on all your sundries at Beach Club Marketplace and still shop for the perfect Stormalong Bay gear as well.

BouTiki at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

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There are two DVC stores I’m likely to visit, whether I’m staying at the resorts or not. Bayview Gifts is one, and BouTiki is the other.

I’m a massive fan of the Polynesian in general. The merchandise here embraces the South Seas theme.

You’ll find authentic island snacks and merchandise you can bring home to decorate your walls.

Of course, you’ll also find charging cables and smartphone accessories, plus all the Polynesian shirts you could ever want to perform your best Andy Reid impression.

The extensive size of BouTiki makes it feel like a mini-warehouse brimming with merchandise you won’t find anywhere else at Walt Disney World.

Conch Flats General Store – Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Old Key West boat dock

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For old-school DVC members, it all begins with Conch Flats General Store at Old Key West.

During the program’s earliest days, guests holed up at Hospitality House as much as possible.

The resort itself spreads across a vast campus, but the hotel’s vital functions reside here. We’re talking about the hotel lobby, Olivia’s Café, and the general store.

What’s at Conch Flats? Honestly, it’s basic by Disney store standards, at least these days. You’ll find breakfast foods, snacks, and generic merchandise.

Still, I know that this store will always hold a special place in many of our hearts. So, I couldn’t exclude it.

La Boutique – Disney’s Riviera Resort

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Here’s the newest Walt Disney World resort store, and it comes with a unique selling point.

The various illustrations and art visible on the hotel’s walls are available for sale at La Boutique.

You’ll also find stylish French and Italian apparel and gear, plus legitimately the best piece of luggage Disney has ever sold.

Here it is:

When Disney chose the Riviera’s theme, I strongly suspect that it had an eye toward jaunty European merchandise. And the results speak for themselves.

M. Mouse Mercantile – Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

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Disney bills this place as the “house of Mickey.” So, you’ll know what to expect when you enter.

For whatever reason, I don’t enjoy this shop as much as the other high-profile ones at the monorail resorts. However, it is the most tastefully decorated.

I love walking through the store because it’s gorgeous and smells divine. I just rarely leave with a handful of goodies.

In looking at my shelves right now, ones stuffed with Disney gear, the only thing I remember buying there is a Cinderella glow toy.

My wife owns at least one spirit jersey and a couple of Loungefly purses from here, though. So, I might not be the target audience.

Zawadi Marketplace – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

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I mentioned that BouTiki sells some of the most unique goods at Walt Disney World. Well, one store beats it in this regard, and it’s Zawadi Marketplace.

Friends, if you’ve never walked through this store, you’re cheating yourself.

On the one hand, this market sells the basics like food, drinks, and Disney merchandise.

However, as you explore Zawadi Marketplace, you’ll discover remarkable displays of artistry. Figurines, plants, and jewelry will blow your mind and possibly your vacation budget.

Also, the Animal Kingdom logo and design factor heavily into some of the apparel. So, you’ll probably want some of it, too.

When you want distinctive Disney gear that sets you apart, THIS is the place to go.

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