Disney Cruise Line Reveals the Treasure

Disney Cruise Line has revealed new details about the Disney Treasure, the second of its new class of giant cruise ships. We now know the date of the ship’s maiden voyage, when its booking window will open, and which amenities it will offer. Here’s what you need to know about the Disney Treasure.

The Disney Treasure Is Like a Sequel to the Disney Wish 

In 2016, Disney commissioned a new fleet of three cruise ships, which it planned as the largest and most luxurious to date. The pandemic delayed some of those plans, which explains why the Disney Wish didn’t arrive until 2022.

Now, the Disney Treasure will debut next year. Specifically, its maiden voyage will set sail on December 21st, 2024. Disney will operate this cruise ship from Port Canaveral, Florida. Notably, the Disney Treasure will offer weeklong itineraries as opposed to the three- and four-day sailings on the Wish.

The Disney Treasure includes 1,256 cabins capable of hosting 4,000 passengers. Some early estimates had suggested 5,000 or 6,000 potential guests, but Disney has dialed those back in favor of a stronger set of amenities. Let’s discuss some of the best ones. 

This Ship Is Adventureland at Sea

You can watch the video above to learn about the Disney Treasure. In simplest terms, you can think of this cruise ship as Adventureland at Sea. Disney Cruise Line (DCL) leaned hard into this premise by publishing a “treasure map” promotion that showed the ship as if it were a Disney theme park map. 

That concept permeates throughout the ship, starting with Grand Hall. Here, you’ll find a tribute to Peter Pan, Aladdin, and other Disney characters known for their thrilling stories. Whereas the Disney Wish emphasizes opulence, the Disney Treasure veers toward style, fun, and character development. 

Theme parks also factor heavily into some of the amenities. For example, guests can visit a Jungle Cruise-based lounge named Skipper Society. Disney promises “sly tributes to the trusty, dry-witted skippers,” plus Easter eggs such as “a whimsical monkey-shaped chandelier” and “postcards and luggage tags brought back from travels abroad.”

Meanwhile, steampunk fans are in for a treat with Periscope Pub, a bar styled after 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. You’re basically drinking inside a submarine here. 

Disney advertises the following: “A mysterious window into the depths of the uncharted oceans along the ceiling will give you a chance to feel like Captain Nemo on the Nautilus, while a decorative statement rug in the center of the space will honor Captain Nemo’s fabled nemesis, the giant squid.”

While we won’t know for another 15 months, I presume that this space represents the Disney Treasure’s version of Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge. 

By the way, these aren’t the only theme park-based spaces on the ship. Disney has based the design of the Tomorrow Tower Suite, a nearly 2,000-square-foot cabin, on EPCOT! This space features “, dynamic art pieces, molten metal accents and futuristic, colorful glass accents” based on World Discovery.

The Treasure Offers New and Modified Amenities

Some of the most popular amenities from the Disney Wish will also return on the Disney Treasure. Some of them will look a bit different, though.

As an example, this cruise ship will host AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg. Disney has taken the original AquaMouse structure and re-themed it with a treasure quest premise, complete with a new cartoon! 

Similarly, Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure wouldn’t make sense on the Disney Treasure. Instead, Disney will offer a Coco in-the-round concert during meals. 

Plaza de Coco will come in two forms. That’s how Disney will address the longer cruise itineraries. On one night, the Coco meal/concert reveals what happens after the movie’s ending. On a second night, Coco’s guitar summons his great-great-grandparents to spend Día de los Muertos with the family.

Meanwhile, Worlds of Marvel will return in both old and new forms. Avengers: Quantum Encounter will once again show the Avengers squaring off against Ultron. Now, a second story involving Spider-Man will entertain guests on a second night. Since Spider-Man is demonstrably the most popular Marvel character, that’s a huge asset for the Disney Treasure!

The Treasure Brings Back Several Favorites from the Disney Wish

Other returning favorites from the Disney Wish include Disney’s Oceaneer Club and It’s a Small World Nursery, providing parents with two options for babysitting services. Hey, you’re on vacation and deserve some time to do some relaxing adult activities, right? Disney has you covered with an adult entertainment space called Sarabi that is based on The Lion King. 

In terms of restaurants, the Disney Treasure hosts versions of The Rose, Palo Steakhouse, 1923, and Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallament. A new offering is Jumbeaux’s Sweets, which is Zootopia-inspired. Also, restaurants based on Mulan and Moana will be available as well. 

Disney will also offer stage versions of Beauty and the Beast and Disney Seas the Day. A press release promised a third stage show, but Disney didn’t provide details about it.

You Can Book the Disney Treasure Soon 

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all involves the announced booking window for the Disney Treasure. Reservations open next week for December 2024 itineraries. Disney has posted the following schedule:

  • September 12th — Pearl Castaway Club Members
  • September 13th – Platinum Castaway Club & Golden Oak Members
  • September 14th – Gold Castaway Club Members
  • September 18th – Disney Vacation Club Members, ABD Insiders
  • September 19th – Silver Castaway Club Members
  • September 20th – All Disney Fans

So, Disney Vacation Club members can schedule Disney Treasure adventures starting on Monday, September 18th. Everyone else may book as of September 20th

However, some of the best cabins and itineraries may be full by then. If you’re a frequent cruise member, you should probably take advantage of your status and try earlier than September 18th

Based on what I’ve seen thus far, the Disney Wish caters more to cruise fans who prefer luxury and relaxation. Meanwhile, the Disney Treasure will lure tourists like me who prefer fun, adventure, and copious amounts of Disney stories during our travels. 

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