Disney Park Updates for May 18, 2021

We’ve got updates on Disney Wish prices, potential Disneyland changes, a DVC credit, and some Walt Disney World modifications.

Disney World: New COVID-19 Rules & Procedures


On Saturday, we discussed the face mask changes at Walt Disney World. In just 48 hours, we’ve learned a lot more.

Based on the updated CDC guidelines, Disney has altered several attraction boarding processes and even changed parking lot procedures.

Row Skipping

When you park, you’ll no longer skip a row. Cars will park side-by-side just as they always did before last July.

On various rides, Disney has similarly stopped the practice of skipping rows.


When you enter a boat for Pirates of the Caribbean, your party will share it with others. The boat will be full rather than 50-60 percent of capacity.

What’s Next at Disney World?

Management has taken these steps to improve ride throughput now that Disney can increase park attendance.

You won’t wait any longer on rides and may even notice a brief dip in the short term.

Afterward, Disney must decide on Fast Passes or some other form of digital queuing to maintain reasonable wait-times at the parks.

Disneyland: Potential Changes Coming June 15th

While we’re on the subject, California maintains different COVID-19 health measures than Florida.

Even though the CDC has declared that vaccinated people remain safe outdoors, Golden State guidelines remain in place.

However, that will change on June 15th. On that date, California will adopt the CDC’s modified rules.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

Last week, Disneyland Resort officials confirmed that Disney would maintain current mask policies.

Disneyland fans would prefer the same rules in place at Walt Disney World, but that’s not up to Disneyland. It must follow the state’s regulations.

As such, June 15th appears to be the date when outdoor masks could become optional at Disneyland.

Park officials have the body of a month to decide whether that’s a reasonable timeline.

As a reminder, Disneyland only reopened less than three weeks ago. So, it doesn’t have much health data yet, which could slow down the decision-making.

DVC Updates

Potential Tax Credit

First, I may have some good news for you! DVC is currently reviewing some member contracts from 2014-2019.

You shouldn’t bank on it, but there’s a chance that you’ll receive a tax credit if you purchased a new contract during those years.

DVC accountants recognized a calculation mistake that overbilled a small percentage of new members.

Only some members qualify because the error happened only when DVC resorts also overestimated taxes for that year.

So, if you get a tax credit, be happy! If you don’t, be content in that knowledge that you never got overbilled, unlike some members!

DVC will email you if you’re impacted. It’ll apply the difference to either your 2022 membership dues or your next monthly payment.

Disney Wish Pricing Announced

In other member news, the Disney Wish has revealed its pricing for 2022 voyages.

Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

As expected, the first cruise will cost the most, as it comes with bragging rights. Even the cheapest rooms will cost over $5,500 for a five-night trip.

Impressively, most rooms have already been booked for the first two cruises anyway.

One of them is an unofficial DVC member cruise on June 14th, 2022. Unfortunately, tickets already went on sale and booked almost instantly.

We did learn the prices, though. DVC owners would need 350 points for an inside stateroom, or 362 points for ocean view, or 384 points for a verandah.

As a reminder, DVC prices presume double occupancy. You must spend more points (at least 113) for each additional guest up to six.

Usually, paying cash provides better value for DVC members anyway.

The cash rates are quite reasonable, starting at $3,010 for the inside stateroom and maxing at $3,400 for the verandah.

International Disney Updates

Disneyland Paris

We finally have a reopening date for the latest and hopefully final return of Disneyland Paris.

The park will return on June 17th. As a reminder – and even I’m having trouble keeping up at this point – it most recently closed on October 30th.

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

Since then, Disneyland Paris announced a Christmas comeback that eventually got canceled, followed by failed returns in February and April.

This time, the park really means it! I’m joking here, but there’s nothing funny about what’s happened in France during the pandemic.

Disneyland Paris park officials deserve commendation for how well they’ve handled the unprecedented circumstances.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Speaking of which, Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) just announced its annual revenue and attendance figures for 2020, the pandemic year.

HKD dropped 76 percent year-over-year, netting the equivalent of $180 million. That’s a $348 million loss for the cursed year.

Simultaneously, park attendance fell 73 percent. Thankfully, the park reopened roughly three months ago and is doing well now.

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