DVC Raises Some Prices While the Next Resort Goes Vertical

The impending expansion at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa continues to impact pricing at other DVC resorts.

Also, we’ve had some excellent DVC news this week. Here’s what happened.

More Price Increases

DVC officials have raised prices at three older resorts. I’ll talk numbers in a moment, but let’s talk rationale first.

The Big Pine Key conversion at the Grand Floridian should finish by mid-June in anticipation of a June 20th opening for guests.

As previously mentioned, DVC hasn’t added a second Condominium Association at the resort. Instead, the new inventory slots into the old contract agreement.

Grand Floridian

Similarly, all current owners at the Grand Floridian can join the new ones in booking hotel stays at the resort. They’re currently in the first booking window, which will last through May 12th.

On May 13th, all other DVC members can book the hotel’s newest rooms. 

The odd nature of the Condominium Association decision has forced Disney to reevaluate its current pricing at several resorts. 

DVC wants people to pay more for the right to stay at the Grand Floridian…and everywhere else.

So, DVC has increased the cost of ownership by $20 per point at two locations. 

Saratoga Springs

You’ll pay more at Disney’s Old Key West Resort and Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa when you buy directly from Disney.

Each property charges $200 per point now. As a reminder, Old Key West sold for $165 per point in June 2021. Disney keeps hiking the price here.

That’s good news if you’re like me and own a contract at the resort. 

Generally, whenever Disney performs a price increase, the decision ripples to resale contracts as well, just not immediately.

You should take this opportunity to review some of the contracts here. You may double-take at some of the prices relative to DVC’s new $200 price point.

The other resort with a price increase is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas. It went up from $186 to $200 per point. Don’t worry. We can beat that.

Other DVC News

Ken Potrock, the former Senior VP and General Manager at Disney Vacation Club, gained a promotion early in Bob Chapek’s tenure as CEO.

Chapek picked people with whom he’d worked closely in the past to lead divisions. Potrock now holds the prestigious position of President of Disneyland Resort.

On his Instagram account, Potrock recently posted images of the DVC expansion coming to Disneyland Hotel. You look at the pictures here

The project is obviously in an early phase right now. However, the foundation is in place, and the stabilizing pillars are going up as we speak.

You cannot help but feel excited about the fact that Disney is making progress on the desperately needed expansion at Disneyland Resort. 

We’ll finally have new inventory at the Happiest Place on Earth soon! 

Once we factor in the Grand Floridian and the new tower coming to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, that’s three new batches of rooms between now and the end of 2024!

I’ve got two other DVC updates for today, one of which feels premature but necessary. 

DVC has already announced that the High Rock Springs pool at Saratoga Springs will undergo refurbishment in January of 2023. 

I realize that the 11-month window only recently opened, but you should know about this if you stay there. The renovations will reportedly take three months to complete. 

This pool is the one close to Artist’s Palette and the hotel lobby, in case you get them confused. 

Disney Testing a New Feature

Finally, Disney’s Riviera Resort is currently testing something unexpected and arguably even a bit outdated.

Some hotel guests can check out via the My Disney Experience app right now. Historically, we’ve all just left by 11 a.m.

Riviera Resort

I presume Disney is testing this strategy since it no longer collates flight departure data via Magical Express. As such, nobody at the hotel knows when you actually leave.

Of course, you’re under no obligation to do it. You’re helping out the housing team by checking out this way, though. 

They’ll feel more comfortable entering your room once you signal that you’ve left. 


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