Disney Unveils New Contemporary & Grand Floridian DVC Rooms

Over the past few weeks, Disney dropped so much new information that it almost doubled as a denial-of-service attack with its high volume.

You couldn’t possibly have kept up with everything, and you may have missed the most impacting part as a Disney Vacation Club points user.

Yes, Disney showed off new rooms at two different DVC resorts. Here’s what we learned.

These Rooms Are Incredible

The new rooms that we’ve known about for a while are at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

As a DVC member, you won’t get to stay in them barring extenuating circumstances, but you may seek them out for cash room stays.

I’m referencing the new Incredibles rooms, which somehow perfectly mesh the concepts of the retro film franchise and the Contemporary’s unique 1971 aesthetic.

Even the hallways outside this new section of the Contemporary gleams with colors and geometric shapes familiar to fans of the franchise.

Some art deco paintings of the Parr family decorate the walls. You’ll notice all The Incredibles in action, complete with combat poses.

My favorite is Jack-Jack, the baby, curiously floating inside a bubble that sister Violet created for his safekeeping.

That kid’s like 10 Supermen in one. So, he didn’t need the help, but it’s still cute.

Fittingly, some of the images even show the Parrs AT the Contemporary. For example, one has mama bear Helen Parr stretching over a monorail.

That image actually fits the plot of The Incredibles 2, which includes a runaway monorail scene.

Others have nothing to do with the films. Instead, they’re just lovely touches that combine the Contemporary’s most recognizable amenity with the Parrs during (presumably) a family vacation.

The interior of the rooms is heavy on the red color scheme, which makes sense for The Incredibles. Their costumes are the reddest, after all.

My favorite touch occurs in the closet, where your clothes hang in front of images of superhero suits. Frozone needs a closet like this!

As for the bathroom décor, it might surpass the one in your master bedroom. And the mirror has a monorail on it!

Here’s a video with an entire room walkthrough:

Coming Soon to the Grand Floridian

The Parks Blog also snuck in an update about the DVC conversation taking place at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

For starters, this update suggests that the new rooms will be available during the summer of 2022.

As a reminder, Disney had previously promised to convert building 9, Big Pine Key, into a DVC-only facility, thereby adding 200 new studios to the DVC inventory.

Disney has since announced that all DVC rooms will be “enhanced” as part of these upgrades. Yes, that includes existing ones.

However, the focus of the Parks Blog entry is the coming rooms. We just learned that the studios include two queen beds, one of which is a pull-down.

Another pull-down bunk bed is part of the default room type as well. So, these rooms will host up to five guests.

These hideaway beds seem like they’re coming into vogue since they give guests more space when they’re not sleeping.

Disney excitedly describes the one- and two-bedroom suites as having a plethora of features. Here’s the snippet:

“These accommodations offer full kitchens and large living areas as well as added conveniences – like modern appliances, a farmhouse sink, and a washer and dryer. Living areas will feature a new pull-down queen-size bed along with a pull-down bunk-size bed that folds away to be hidden beneath the media center.”

This release also brags about the Grand Villas, which will feature “Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Victorian-themed silhouettes and other artwork featuring Mary Poppins and Dumbo.”

These rooms will sleep 12. So, it’s a terrific option for large traveling parties who don’t mind sharing a suite.

Expect these new DVC rooms to go on sale at some point late in 2021 or early in 2022.

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