DVC Loses Its Shadow. You Can Help Get It Back.

Would Disney ever fire a dog? The answer may surprise you…

Yes, I’m click-baiting today, but it’s because loyal fans of a specific Disney resort are livid…and you can help.

In better news, Disney has brought back another character greeting, and two DVC resorts are officially in holiday mode.

Disney Fired Shadow. Yes, I’m Serious.

Fans of Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort swear by it. In fact, the place has proven so popular that DVC members know to buy a contract here.

Otherwise, you’ll rarely manage to book a room during the summer. Hilton Head is among the best vacation destinations in the south, and the Disney resort is impeccable.

I always tell friends that even by Disney standards, the cast members at Hilton Head will blow your mind with their competence and hospitality.

That’s what makes this next story so mind-blowing. During Disney’s recent earnings report, the CFO mentioned an algorithm that helps executives decide where to trim the fat.

This algorithm must not be dog-friendly or sentimental about cast member loyalty because Disney just kicked Shadow out of the hotel.

They didn’t set him free in the forest or anything, as the hotel dog will remain with her human companion, B’Lou Crabbe. And that’s the other rage-inducing part of the story.

According to Crabbe, Disney indicated that he would return to the hotel after a pandemic-related layoff. Well, that’s apparently not happening, either.

Yes, Disney just fired a dog and its human, which is very Cruella de Vil of them. Disney even sells Shadow merchandise at the resort. So, the comparison works on a deeper level.

How You Can Possibly Help

If you’ve never visited this hotel, the story won’t mean anything to you. But, if you have, you likely encountered Shadow, possibly on the hotel’s front porch.

I don’t want to undersell B’Lou’s termination, either. He’s served as the expert on South Carolina history and happenings since the resort’s opening.

(Photo: Mick Ayres)

Perhaps the best comparison is if Disney had laid off Aunty Kai’i at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort or Richard Gerth at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Obviously, both of them passed away before the pandemic. However, that’s how much Mr. Crabbe means to Hilton Head fans.

If you’d like to do something to help, this page features several contacts where you may register a complaint. There’s also this petition.

At a minimum, you can get your pound of flesh for such a callous move. If enough people speak up, it’ll pressure Disney into doing the right thing here.

I’m as pro-Disney as anyone you’ll find, and I’m appalled by this. Shadow’s as much a part of a DVC Hilton Head visit as Mickey Mouse.

In Happier Disney News…

Christmas season officially arrived at the parks on November 12th. As Disney ramps up its holiday proceedings, management prepares for larger crowds.

For this reason, Disney is gradually bringing back some of its character greetings, albeit in modified formats.

We’ve previously discussed Princess Fairytale Hall and Town Square Theater. Now, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT will bring back Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

You’ll find Minnie Mouse at Red Carpet Dreams starting on November 19th. This character greeting previously included Mickey Mouse as well.

However, the official site only shows Minnie Mouse, at least in the header. I’ll let you know if Mickey Mouse shows up next week anyway.

Similarly, EPCOT will host Mickey Mouse just inside Magic Eye Theater. You’ll know this as the location of Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival.

This one’s only Mickey Mouse, meaning that you’ll have to decide whether you want Mickey or Minnie, at least for the time being.

Mickey’s the only one holding court at Town Square Theater as well. Still, that’s three parks where you can interact with one of Disney’s beloved mice again.

In other holiday news, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has opened its gingerbread house. Here’s a video of this year’s build:

As expected, cast members are selling all the baked goods at a table beside the Gingerbread House this year.

Speaking of the holidays, Disney has announced the Ultimate Toy Drive. You can read the full details here.

Briefly, you can donate toys for needy children at ShopDisney or Toys for Tots.

Disney has already donated $500,000 for this event and hopes that its fans will add significantly more.

Finally, through November 21st, Disney annual passholders can save 30 percent off a D23 Gold subscription. With purchase, you’ll get this:

I treasure mine.

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