DVC Resorts with Expiration Years You Should Target

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“The days are long, but the years are short.” Parents sometimes recite this quote to their children, but it applies to the Disney Vacation Club as well. All good things must come to an end, and that applies to your DVC contract as well. 

Every DVC property includes an expiration date, a time when your ownership interest ends. You don’t need to worry about any deed for another 18 years, some of them until the 2070s! 

Still, expiration dates should be a consideration when you choose where to buy. Here are DVC resorts with expiration years you should target. 

2042 – Disney’s Beach Club Villas

Disney's Beach Club Garden exterior

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Okay, let me be clear. I’m not picking any specific DVC resort over another. The reality is that you cannot go wrong with any of the options. Every DVC resort is a cathedral brimming with luxury amenities.

Instead, we’re focusing more on why you would want a particular expiration year, and I’m choosing a coinciding property for the discussion. For example, Beach Club contracts expire in January 2042.

You’re likely looking at that date and thinking, “Wow, that’s a long time from now.” And it is! Still, some younger buyers may worry about purchasing one of the contracts that end earlier. 

Nobody knows how DVC will approach expiring contracts until we get close to that date, which means we won’t even have that conversation for another 15 years. In the interim, you can use that worry to your advantage, as it artificially deflates the perceived value to some. 

So, you can do a bit of bargain shopping by selecting a 2042 expiration date. In addition, Beach Club provides one of the best overall amenities in the DVC program, exclusive access to Stormalong Bay. That’s like a hidden bonus for purchasing a 2042 contract at a property that’s otherwise hard to book. 

2054 – Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa 

Saratoga Springs - Building Exterior

The remarkable part about DVC is that even the expiration date closest to now remains 18 years from now. You can extend that date by at least another dozen years by picking somewhere else. 

For example, Saratoga Springs is historically one of the least expensive DVC resorts near a Disney theme park. Conveniently, the hotel includes ample DVC inventory as well, thereby making it an ideal place to own. 

So, when you target a 2054 expiration date, you can stay at a resort that should typically have available rooms for you, especially before the seven-month window. Also, you won’t pay as much for your contract compared to some properties, and you’ll gain those extra 12 years on your expiration date.

Finally, as a special bonus, you ensure that you can stay near Disney Springs if so inclined. That’s the hidden bonus of owning at Saratoga Springs, as it connects you to Disney Springs, which will only become bigger and better over the next 30 years!

2060 – The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Photo Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Let’s say that you’re a healthy, vibrant soul who is in the DVC program for the long haul. If so, you should evaluate options with even longer lifespans. Many DVC contracts won’t expire until the 2060s or later!

For instance, you could purchase a contract at the Grand Californian, one of the most highly valued DVC properties overall. Due to the inventory scarcity here, there’s also never a bad time to buy. For as long as I’ve been a DVC member, the price of Grand Floridian contracts has increased. 

Even better, you can only reserve DVC rooms at Disneyland at two properties. So, you’re unlocking availability at arguably the toughest resort to book. 

2066 – Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows


How far away does 2030 seem? Well, that’s the difference between picking a resort with an expiration date in 2060 vs. 2066. So, if it sounds like a lot, you should consider an even longer-lasting contract.

For my money, the best option at Walt Disney World is the Polynesian, although I must confess that I say that a lot. This hotel is my favorite at Disney and even though I still don’t own a contract here, I feel the Add-on-itis® every time I look at listings.

One of the best aspects of owning at the Polynesian is that you’ll enjoy 42 more years DVC membership! Let’s say that you’re 35 right now. This purchase will provide your family with vacations until you’re 77! You’ll be staying at a monorail resort for the rest of your adult life!

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