DVC Room Types You Must Try

The remarkable range of Disney Vacation Club inventory ensures variation for members. Should you choose to explore the unknown with your bookings, you’ll discover many unique Studios and Villas you’ll adore. Here are five DVC room types you must try!

Deluxe Studio at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

All the other room types I’ll discuss are unique ones that require more DVC Points to book. That doesn’t mean we should overlook one of the best overall rooms, though.

DVC members who stay at a Deluxe Studio at the Polynesian typically experience a moment of stunned silence when they enter the room.

During the 21st century, Disney has trended toward smaller DVC Studios, as a rule. Then, the Polynesian opened its new DVC buildings, and we were all in for a surprise.

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These Deluxe Studios cover 465 square feet of space, which is legitimately 40 percent more than some of the smaller Studios at other DVC resorts. You’ll notice the difference as you spread out in the living room area and especially the bathrooms. 

Disney has cleverly split one area into two mini-bathrooms. In one, you’ll find a shower, commode, and sink/counter. The other includes another sink/counter and a decadent rainfall shower. 

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that when I stay in literally any other DVC room now, I miss that rainfall shower. It’s addictive.

To a larger point, the Deluxe Studio at the Polynesian proves that even the standard rooms in the DVC inventory deliver stunning amenities and features.

Kilimanjaro Club Concierge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas 

You can actually book this room type in three different ways. Animal Kingdom Villas Studios and One- and Two-Bedroom Villas all include room variants. 

Most people talk about the Savannah View because it’s amazing and unforgettable. However, you shouldn’t sleep on Kilimanjaro Club Concierge. When you book this room type, you unlock access to the resort’s concierge floor.

What will you experience on the concierge floor? For starters, you’ll gain elevator access to a hotel floor that nobody else has. That aspect alone will make you feel like Disney royalty.

On the concierge floor, you can eat in the club lounge. You’ll find all sorts of snacks and beverages available here throughout the day. Technically, Disney hosts serving periods, set times each day for its meals. Still, you can always grab coffee, tea, and snacks here.


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During the scheduled times, you’ll discover even more specialties, depending on whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack time. Pastries are seemingly always available, and the legendary POG Juice is also a staple of the club lounge. 

While you’ll spend a few DVC Points more for this room type, you can make it up financially by eating in the club lounge during your stay. It’s as filling as a casual Quick Service meal at The Mara. Plus, it’s exclusive, and we all know that stuff tastes better once you walk through the velvet rope gate!

One-Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Old Key West Resort

I’ve got a dear friend who purchased a DVC membership a full decade before I did. He and his family spent his children’s entire upbringing vacationing at Walt Disney World.

Whenever they traveled to Disney, he was resolute regarding one aspect. The family had to book a One-Bedroom Villa at Old Key West.

Those of you who bought DVC during the 1990s are nodding emphatically. You’re intimately familiar with the massive size of these suites. The 942 square feet of space feels more like a condo rental than a hotel room.

The room design includes a legitimate master suite, plus a brilliant kitchen/living room open floor plan. You’ll even find a hidden television here that you can only see from one side. 

DVC members spend more time in their hotel rooms than the average Disney vacationer. So, we prioritize extra space in our rooms. Old Key West’s One-Bedroom Villas are the gold standard in this category.

Tower Studio at Disney’s Riviera Resort 

As a reminder, this option is for singles and couples only. Disney only allows two guests in the room. That’s all you’d want anyway since the floor plan covers only 255 square feet.

For a parent traveling with a child, it’s a good option if you don’t plan to spend much time in your room. If you’re single, it’s that much better since you know you’ll spend most of your time at the World Showcase and Disney Springs anyway. 

Finally, for couples, the Tower Studio works as the ultimate romantic getaway. The two of you can spend as much as you want cuddling in your room between park visits. If you’re so in love that you don’t even need a park visit, the restaurants at the Riviera ensure you never travel far. 

Treehouse Villas at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

I’m devout in the belief that when family or friends travel to Disney, they should consider the legendary Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs. These octagonal standalone tree houses sleep nine across three bedrooms.

With 1,074 square feet of space, the Treehouse Villas are akin to when you share a three-bedroom apartment as a young adult. So, space isn’t an issue and may even provide a sense of nostalgia.

Disney's Treehouse

Photo Courtesy of DisneyTouristBlog.com

More importantly, a Treehouse Villa vacation feels like glamping in a house. Disney sticks you in the middle of a forest but provides top-notch amenities. You’re not foraging for food or starting a campfire, but you’ll still relish that rustic vibe that comes from a cabin in the woods. 

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