DVC Vacation Updates from Destination D23

Josh D’Amaro and a few of his co-workers took the stage at Destination D23 to tell the world about upcoming Disney projects.

Here’s what we just learned on the DVC side.

About the Disneyland Tower DVC Resort

D’Amaro and his friends provided insights on future projects for one DVC resort and another pseudo-DVC property.

For starters, Imagineer Bhavna Mistry took the stage and showed images from the upcoming DVC tower project at Disneyland Hotel.

Mistry, the Senior Vice President of Design & Construction, demonstrated just how much thought Imagineers put into every resort detail.

For starters, here’s an artist’s rendering of the upcoming property:

Now here’s a slightly different one. See if you can spot the change:

Yes, an Imagineering trick will allow Tinkerbell to sprinkle some Pixie Dust on the building whenever she feels like it!

Other parts of the building have slightly changed as well. This subtle trick may represent the future of Disney resorts. It’s like a modern take on the green screen technique.

Meanwhile, in this shot, you can see how Imagineers envision the pool area.

Sadly, this D23 event leaned heavily on artist renderings since Disney fell so far behind on construction during the heart of the pandemic.

Still, some of the images will excite you as a fan. For example, here’s a standard one-bed Studio at the upcoming Disneyland Tower facility:

And here’s one with two beds:

How Imagineers Have Designed the Hotel

What I appreciated the most was this picture, though:

That’s the Imagineering equivalent of a storyboard. They have enumerated all the ways that these hotel rooms will draw inspiration from beloved Disney movies.

As Mistry says, even the color palette itself accentuates the story.

Specifically, she indicates that these rooms will tell the story of a Disney artist during the creative process. And part of it will honor the drawing style of Walt Disney himself!

Sleeping Beauty is the main focus, though. Its colors and mood will permeate throughout the room.

By studying that picture, you can read how dutifully Imagineers have honored its style.

The bed ties in “castle and forest theming into” the room, with Aurora as the sleeping character.

Also, the tree designs pay tribute to the movie’s song, Once Upon a Dream:

The reference notes that the room will “tie in Mary Blair’s influence” for the tree design as well.

All the rooms will also employ softer colors and materials to accentuate the “dreamy look.” That makes perfect sense for the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Disney’s on a whole other level with its storytelling, my friends.

The Other DVC Resort Updates

D’Amaro and Mistry also shared some gorgeous new photos of the upcoming DVC addition at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

These rooms are part of the Building 9 conversion wherein Big Pine Key will switch into a DVC exclusive facility.

The duo also discussed Disney’s Riviera Resort, but the more significant discussion wouldn’t come until later.

After Mistry left, D’Amaro eventually brought Scott Trowbridge on stage. Of course, you know him as the genius behind Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Well, Trowbridge is also working on Star War: Galactic Starcruiser. So, the two of them discussed some of the previously unannounced elements of the experience.

For starters, a “Galactic Superstar” named Gaia will board the cruise ship. She’ll also perform during the Crown of Corellia character meal.

The expectation is that she’ll have ulterior motives for being on the ship. Whether she’s First Order or Resistance remains to be seen.

D’Amaro also showed off the working Lightsaber. People had questioned the validity of the previous Disney video. Here’s him wielding it onstage:

The Chairman of Disney Parks also lived out some of the available experiences on Galactic Starcruiser. Have a look:

Other Trip Info

You should know a couple of things about the presentation. First, the working Lightsaber isn’t something you’ll get to use during your visit.

Disney offers Lightsaber training as a part of a starcruise vacation. It’s a regular glowstick rather than one that raises and contracts, though.

Disney is saving those for characters (i.e., cast members) on the ship, at least for now. I presume that’s due to cost.

Those working, retractable Lightsabers can’t be cheap to manufacture. I’m sure Disney is working on it for future years, though.

Still, all the other stuff from D’Amaro’s visit is available to guests.

You can defend the ship by aiming at TIE Fighters and blasting them out of the sky…or whatever the outer space equivalent is.

So, you’ll live out a real Star Wars adventure. Trowbridge’s excitement was tangible, and D’Amaro stated he had one of the best days of his career when he visited Galactic Starcruiser for the first time.

For all the complaints about DVC Points cost, or out-of-pocket expenses, or the like, the Star Wars Hotel has sold out for its first four months.

More importantly, Disney’s top executives are acting like they’ve knocked this one out of the park. We’ll know for sure in March, but I think Disney has a winner here.

Overall, the DVC parts of the Destination D23 parks presentation proved to be many of the highlights.

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