Let’s Talk about the Best DVC Resort Stores

Hilton Head store

I was watching a recent DVC Fan video, and DVC Resale Market’s Derek DeBoer made a strong point. He mentioned a commonality many Disney Vacation Club members share during our Disney visits.

During our vacation, we grow attached to the various stores at the DVC resorts. They’re like our combination closet and kitchen during our stay. So, let’s talk about the best DVC stores and what we love about them. 

Bayview Gifts

I’m listing these alphabetically, but if I ranked them, Bayview Gifts would finish in my top two. I’ve spent a lot of time here over the years, purchasing everything from cupcakes to luggage.

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Bayview Gifts qualifies as a must-visit store, even if I’m not staying at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It’s easy to access on the Grand Canyon Concourse, which is also where the monorail station security entrance is.

At Bayview Gifts, Disney sells a stunning array of products. Its east/west design justifies exploration. You’ll start with a snack counter and eventually make your way through cookware (seriously), wall art, and apparel. You can stock your home by stopping at this one shop! 

Beach Club Marketplace

Here’s another of my favorites, as I’ve bought several of my favorite vacation shirts here. You’ll still find a couple in my closet, which is impressive since I recently performed a culling.

Beach Club Marketplace also employs an east-west design and stretches out nicely. You shouldn’t feel claustrophobic here, which can be a thing at some other Disney gift shops.

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Depending on where you enter, you’ll either discover candy and food or apparel. Either way, you should take the time to explore everywhere. We’ve found some excellent knickknacks here, including Mouse Ears and stuffed animals. 


Here’s my favorite, and it’s not even close. I will find any excuse possible to sneak into BouTiki, where I have purchased my two favorite shirts. I’m also still a bit salty that I got talked out of buying luggage the last time I was here.

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Frankly, my bank probably wants to cut me off before I visit BouTiki, because it’s the one place where I won’t even hesitate to buy everything I see. I’m a Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort superfan. All the merchandise here with Polynesian logos and designs is going in my shopping bag.

When you visit, don’t sleep on the Polynesian snacks here. Some of them are decadent delicacies. Also, you’ll find Lilo & Stitch artwork you may want to take home. 

M. Mouse Mercantile

I think you can tell that I do most of my shopping on the monorail. That’s because DVC fans love the convenience of shopping at these spots. You can even toss in a beer or dessert crawl if so inclined.

Mouse Mercantile is probably the most expensive option, as it’s the main store at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. However, that’s a hidden blessing, as Disney sells its finest merchandise here.

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Notably, this place is a gold mine for parents seeking to trick their children into clothes shopping. They’re at Disney, so you can lure them into a false sense of security that they’re looking for toys. 

Throw in a couple of board games and a bubble wand, and they’ll never notice you just sidestepped a wardrobe war! By the way, if you’re anything like me, that bubble wand will wind up yours in the end anyway!

Wilderness Mercantile

Sometimes, I like to shop in a log cabin. Owners at the twin DVC properties at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge understand what I mean. Wilderness Mercantile resides near the magnificent edifice that anchors the interior of this hotel lobby. It’s arguably the most majestic sight at Walt Disney World. So, fans love any excuse to walk through this lobby.

Even better, the decidedly rustic hotel-specific merchandise at Wilderness Mercantile sets the tone for your ownership here. It just feels right for the lob cabin setting. 

While you’re here, don’t forget to look up at the ceiling. Otherwise, you’ll miss some unique décor like the canoe hanging from the rafters! It’s easy to do, too. This shop proves much deeper than it looks from the front.

Zawadi Marketplace

Here is my final choice and undeniably the most unique of the bunch. You’ll find Zawadi Marketplace at Jambo House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. So, it’s like Wilderness Mercantile in that you’ll love roaming the lobby on your way here.

Inside the store, you’ll find many unique pieces of memorabilia, including some hand-carved animal figurines that are breathtaking. The jewelry here is enticing due to its uniqueness as well.

Also, the apparel here features that gorgeous Animal Kingdom Lodge logo, which makes it desirable. You’ll find the typical Disney merchandise here as well, but the novelty of Zawadi Marketplace’s trinkets differentiates it from other DVC stores. 

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