The New Grand Floridian Rooms Are Available to Book Online

You wanted more inventory at Walt Disney World’s most revered hotel, and now you’ve got it! Yes, I’ve finally got the booking news you’ve wanted for a decade now!

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In December of 2011, the Disney Vacation Club finally gave fans what they wanted.

DVC announced an expansion at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa debuted less than two years later.

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DVC members adored the place, which was also the problem. The Grand Floridian opened with a maximum of 71 available rooms. It possessed the smallest inventory in the DVC program.

For this reason, we spent the body of the past ten years begging Disney for more availability. Then, in May of 2021, Disney gave us what we wanted.

Disney announced that it would convert Building Nine, aka Big Pine Key, into a DVC-exclusive section.

Construction on this conversion officially started in March, and it’s nearly ready for its opening on June 20th.

DVC has declared 101 of the rooms already and will add the other 101 as sales progress. So, DVC owners have more than twice as much inventory available at the Grand Floridian as we did from 2013 to 2021.

Two months ago, Disney opened the reservation system for these new hotel rooms. The catch was that members had to call the DVC Member Services Hotline.

Well, I’m happy to inform you that you can now book the new inventory at the official DVC website as of this weekend.

Presuming that you don’t own at the Grand Floridian, your booking window currently lasts through December 15th, 2022.

Obviously, demand for the new hotel rooms will remain massive for the body of the year, if not much longer.

As such, I don’t want to get your hopes up and promise you can find a room. It’ll depend on your travel dates.

Still, your odds are MUCH better than they were in January. They’ll also continually increase as DVC adds more inventory.


Booking at the Grand Floridian

Also, if you already own at the Grand Floridian, the 11-month window provides you with a lovely opportunity to reserve a room right now for an early 2023 stay.

Disney has listed three room types for the redesigned rooms at Big Pine Key. Those are Standard View, Lake View, and the new Theme Park View.

Standard View is ordinarily parking lot view by a different name, but you could feasibly have a view of the quiet pool from here.

The Lake View options at Big Pine Key will lean toward Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which strikes me as a gorgeous perspective.

Finally, you’ll spend the most points per night at Theme Park View, but these rooms will face Magic Kingdom, which may justify the expense.

DVC has done something unique with the room types here. The Big Pine Key options list as Resort Studios, while the previous inventory displays as Deluxe Studios.

So, you’ll know whether you’re booking at Big Pine Key or the Mary Poppins penguin fountain. You can call your shot, so to speak.

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

The opportunity to guarantee a hotel stay in the new building is a pleasant surprise.

Those who book for June 20th will pay 22 points for Standard View, 28 points for Lake View, and 34 points for Theme Park View per night.

The weekly totals are 139 points for Standard View, 171 points for Lake View, and 218 points for Theme Park View.

Here’s a link to the official DVC Points Chart for details about the seven Travel Periods at the Grand Floridian.

FWIW, I was having good luck with availability for fall trips here. So, you may want to check inventory asap!

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