What DVC Members Love About Copper Creek

Copper Creek Villas

Walt Disney World fans love staying as close to Magic Kingdom as possible. However, Disney Vacation Club members know that the DVC Points chart isn’t always friendly for the monorail resorts.

Thankfully, we have another option. Here are four reasons DVC members love Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Room Features at Copper Creek

As you probably know, DVC owns and operates two resorts at Wilderness Lodge. These locations offer the same amenities and activities. So, the room features go a long way in determining which you prefer.

You’ll adore Copper Creek due to its rustic hotel aesthetics and efficient room designs. The Studios are 340 square feet in size and comfortably sleep four guests.

When you enter the room, you’ll notice that the kitchenette features and sitting area reside across from the bed. There’s also a sofa with a pull-out sleeper beside the bed.

This rectangular space can host several guests simultaneously since it’s so well thought-out. You’ll also appreciate the shelf space here, as a dresser sits under the television beside the desk area. In addition, Disney has added other shelves beside the kitchenette. It’s remarkably convenient.

The one-bedroom villas at Copper Creek provide even more space. They’re 675 square feet and sleep four. The kitchen in this villa stretches across one side of the room, with a refrigerator cleverly tucked away from the oven/sink.

These one-bedrooms include a dining room table that comfortably seats six, plus a sofa, chair, and coffee table. You’ll also enjoy the washer/dryer facilities in your room.

Copper Creek also offers two-bedroom villas that are 1,051 square feet and sleep eight. Meanwhile, the Grand Villas cover a whopping 2,237 square feet and sleep 12.

However, one room type deserves particular mention. The Cabins at Copper Creek are absolutely breathtaking. They reside right by Bay Lake and offer a spectacular view of the water.

These deluxe accommodations feature fireplaces and hot tubs in the room! They’re possibly the nicest hotel rooms at Walt Disney World, making them a bargain for DVC members. Here’s a walking tour that will make you want to book a Cabin immediately:


Don’t sleep on the dining options at Wilderness Lodge! While the monorail resorts gain most of the hype, Copper Creek guests will relish their choice of four different restaurants.

The hottest place at Disney over the past few years is Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White. This character meal recreates the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and even features appearances by the Evil Queen, Dopey, and Grumpy! DVC members loved Artist Point long before the character meal. So now, we keep the same hearty flavors and hang out with Snow White!

Still, I prefer a different dining experience at Wilderness Lodge. Right beside the hotel lobby, Whispering Canyon Café has entertained guests for many years thanks to its raucous atmosphere and exquisite flavors.

When you dine at Whispering Canyon Café, you eat bottomless skillets of ranch campfire favorites like brisket, ribs, and pulled pork. Remarkably, vegans have it good as well. The plant-based Maple-Chipotle Barbecue Jackfruit is a world-class entrée.

While you eat, various servers entertain with well-known antics. For example, when you order the ketchup, this happens

Then, there’s Geyser Point Bar & Grill, which opened in tandem with Copper Creek. This place provides a waterfront view, a Bison Burger to die for, and plenty of HDTVs for sports fans. It’s one of the go-to Disney restaurants for major sporting events.

Finally, Roaring Fork has staked a claim as one of the best Quick Service breakfast spots on the Disney campus. Its constant lines speak volumes about the popularity of the cuisine as well.

Resort Amenities

You’ll find one of the best Disney general stores at Wilderness Lodge. It’s close to the lobby and is a massive store designed like a log cabin. So, the theming meshes perfectly with the hotel lobby’s style.

Since Copper Creek opened, Wilderness Lodge has operated two pools, each of which comes with a distinctive theme. The Boulder Ridge Cove quiet pool features an unusual backdrop. It looks like an abandoned rock quarry, complete with mining equipment that got left behind.

Of course, guests may prefer the main pool, Copper Creek Springs. It’s the one you notice when you exit the back of the hotel lobby. This pool is absolutely breathtaking and spacious to boot! By the way, Wilderness Lodge hosts a really good gym and an even better arcade, Buttons and Bells.

Guests will also find a Friendship Boat dock on the other side of Geyer Point. It’ll transport Disney fans to and from Magic Kingdom. I highly recommend this service to avoid the mercurial buses.

Resort Activities

Disney hosts Movies Under the Stars here, and it’s one of the most scenic locations overall. You’ll love the rustic backdrop while you watch your favorite films.

The jogging trails at Wilderness Lodge are similarly popular due to the panoramic views. The Paging Mr. Morrow video I posted earlier underscores how gorgeous this campus is. Even if you’re not much of an exercise buff, you should still wander the campus.

Wilderness Lodge also hosts campfire activities such as storytelling and roasting marshmallows. Various Disney characters sometimes appear as well. In fact, the Country Bears seem to visit Wilderness Lodge more than anywhere else.

Also, while Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is technically its own thing, it’s a mere boat ride away from Wilderness Lodge. The Tri-Circle-D Ranch is an absolute must when you stay at Copper Creek (or Boulder Ridge). It’s a Disney dude ranch. What could be better than that?


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