What DVC Members Love about Riviera

During the 1930s, successful entrepreneur Walt Disney escaped the daily drama of running a small business by taking his family on vacation. Their destination was often Europe, and these trips grew so famous that Disney built an entire hotel as a tribute. Here’s what DVC members love about Disney’s Riviera Resort.

Room Features

Disney intentionally designed its rooms in the style of the Spanish Riviera during the time of those family vacations. So, it’s a throwback to the 1930s and 1940s. On your way to your room, you’ll admire the many Disney illustrations on display on the walls.

Once you enter your DVC home for the night, you’ll notice even more exquisite paintings that exemplify the best in Disney animation. Then, you’ll admire the picturesque décor, which starts with an incredible ceiling light and ends with a plush standing shower stall.

Photo Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

The Riviera is currently the newest Disney resort in the United States, and it looks the part as a high-end Deluxe facility in the DVC lineup. Obviously, European flair is everywhere. Some room features are new and inventive as well, though.

For example, Disney has integrated the dishwasher into the cabinet below the sink and coffee maker. This inventive design choice turns the kitchenette into a single efficient space, freeing up more room in standard studios for walking and reclining.

The entire lounging area looks ornate but hides terrific functionality. For example, an in-wall painting pulls down into a queen bed. Disney has literally hidden it in plain sight. Also, when you lower the bed, a new picture appears above the headboard!

These studios cover 423 square feet of space plus a balcony, but they feel much bigger due to the brilliant design. Also, all the rooms at the Riviera feature Disney’s new tech for the HDTVs. So, you can stay in your room and watch Disney+ or cast something from your phone!

The other room type that generates plenty of buzz is the Tower Studio. It’s a much smaller place designed for two people at most. With only 255 square feet of space, it’s not for everyone. However, it costs substantially fewer DVC Points for a weeklong stay. Also, it’s incredibly romantic when you’re spending a Disney vacation together.


Anyone who has spent time in Europe knows that meals are integral to social interactions. Disney has mimicked this concept at the Riviera, a resort that hosts several exceptional eateries and bars.

The crown jewel here is Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera. It’s a rooftop restaurant that serves a popular character meal, Breakfast à la Art with Mickey & Friends.

While I adore this character meal, I suggest you choose dinner here instead. Then, when you time your dinner correctly, you can watch EPCOT’s nighttime fireworks from here. The restaurant thoughtfully plays the accompanying music for the event.

Photo courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

Disney lists Topolino’s Terrace as a Signature Dining experience, meaning it’ll cost a lot. However, the resort hosts several other less expensive options.

Perhaps the most popular is Primo Piatto, a Quick Service spot one floor below the hotel lobby. You’ll find pizzas, salads, and sandwiches for the most part. It does serve two grab-and-go Italian dishes, though. So, you’ll love this place when you’re in the mood for Lasagna or a Colossal Meatball.

Then again, you may prefer Le Petit Café, the place that exemplifies European vacations to me. It’s got coffee and pastries plus some charcuterie and cheese plates. Use this place for what it is, a relaxing hangout area. Of course, Bar Riva, the pool bar, serves the same purpose.

Resort Amenities

In a way, the entire hotel is an amenity. The art that I’ve mentioned is visible throughout the resort. Even better, you can buy any painting you see! At a minimum, you should walk around and admire the Disney family vacation photos.

Photo courtesy of the Disney Tourist Blog

Voyageurs’ Lounge has designed an entire study based on the books that Uncle Walt snagged during his European travels. It’s a lovely place to spend an hour.

Of course, the most popular amenity at the resort is the main pool and its associated water play area. Many of the hotel rooms overlook the Mediterranean-style zero-entry Riviera Pool. The highlight of this area is a twisting water slide entwined with a 30-foot tower.

Guests will find S’il Vous Play in the accompanying area. It’s interactive and has a weighted water dump feature akin to the Mad Hatter at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Children especially love this place.

Those of you seeking more relaxation may prefer the Beau Soleil Pool, the quiet pool at the Riviera. Since it’s not in the center focus for hotel room views, it tends to get lost in the shuffle, which gives you a chance at some relaxing private time.

Still, the most essential amenity at the Riviera is the Disney Skyliner. The resort hosts a station only a few hundred feet from the lobby.

You can exit your room and be on a gondola in five minutes! This ability lets you control your itinerary at EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as you’ll never need to wait for transportation to either park.

Resort Activities

Outdoor games are readily available at the Riviera. You’ll discover giant versions of games like Chess and Bocce Ball close to the pool area. These are activities you should try at least once due to their novelty.

Photo courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

The Riviera also hosts Movies Under the Stars nightly with some of your Disney favorites!

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