What’s the Best Reasons to Visit These Five DVC Resorts?

Every Disney Vacation Club resort embodies the finest in amenities, logistics, and entertainment. Most of them are quite luxurious as well. But what’s THE best reason to visit each one? Here’s the second part of our series discussing this highly debatable topic. 

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney gave with both hands in stacking the amenities at the Contemporary and its twin sibling, Bay Lake Tower. Each resort hosts any number of jaw-dropping amenities.

I could easily select the dining here, as the California Grill/Steakhouse 71 combo is dynamic. Similarly, the shopping here is arguably the best of any DVC resort. I’ll always have a soft place in my heart for Bayview Gifts and Fantasia.

In fact, we could even highlight Top of the World Lounge – A Villains Lair, a unique entertainment option that has thrilled DVC members for years. All of these are worthy choices from a historic resort.

Still, we should shave with Occam’s Razor here. THE best Disney amenity at Bay Lake Tower is the obvious one. This resort resides within walking distance of Magic Kingdom’s front gate.

Even when DVC members don’t feel like walking, they possess an exceptional Plan B. They ride the monorail to the park instead. Each access to the world’s most popular theme park will always remain the best reason to visit here.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort 

At the Polynesian, you can also ride the monorail to Magic Kingdom. In fact, you can walk from the parking lot to the Transportation and Ticket Center and take the monorail straight to EPCOT. It’s an incredible amenity!

Similarly, the restaurants – especially ‘Ohana and Capt. Cook’s – are exceptional, as is the shopping. I’m a BouTiki superfan. I also love Pineapple Lanai and several aspects of the hotel lobby.

That’s why my answer here is the Great Ceremonial House itself. Disney has encapsulated everything majestic about the Polynesian lifestyle and the spirit of the South Pacific in this building. 

You’ll find loving tributes throughout the facility. Plus, special activities like Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and Tiki Bar will warm your heart during your visit. 

I was actually tempted to select the rooms here, as they’re my favorite Studios, but there’s simply no topping the Great Ceremonial House.

This is the lobby where Aunty Kai’i placed leis around our necks and welcomed us home. I legitimately get emotional when I think about the Polynesian’s hotel lobby.

Disney’s Riviera Resort 

Some of these choices are easier than others. While I deeply admire the artwork at the Riviera, family photos of the Disney family only go so far.

Meanwhile, the Disney Skyliner goes everywhere! Okay, it doesn’t quite do that yet, but let’s be real. Disney will eventually expand the gondola system until it covers most of Walt Disney World.

Riviera dvc resort hotel at Disney World, surrounded by palm trees and clear blue skies

Courtesy of Disney Tourist Blog

For now, the Disney Skyliner connects Riviera guests with other Disney hotels and two Disney theme parks. You can leave your hotel room and be standing at the entrance to either Disney’s Hollywood Studios or EPCOT in 15 minutes. Nothing could possibly beat that!

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

This is a tough one, and I may hold the minority opinion here. Many guests would likely point out the hotel’s golf course. It’s so close to the rest of the resort that I would regularly find myself on the course when I was trying to visit the DVC Preview Center back in the day. If you took one wrong turn off the boat, it’d happen!

Saratoga Springs Exterior

Alas, I’m not much of a golfer. However, I do love shopping, eating, going to movies, and riding in giant balloons. Yes, the best reason to visit Saratoga Springs remains its ready access to Disney Springs. It’s another instance where you can leave your hotel room and be where you want to be in a matter of minutes. I’m obviously a huge proponent of those. 

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

Again, I won’t try to surprise you here with some twist answer. If you’ve stayed at the Grand Californian, you know what’s the best part.

You’re right in the middle of the action. Walt Disney World fans often marvel at the insular setup at Disneyland Resort. You can walk from the Grand Californian to Downtown Disney in like 30 seconds, and Disneyland Park is only a few minutes farther away.

Disney's Grand Californian Courtyard at Night

Still, the absolute best reason occurs even closer to the hotel. You can exit the lobby, turn once and stand at the entry gate for Disney California Adventure! While other DVC resorts offer similar perks – including the previously discussed one at Bay Lake Tower – none of them can match the Grand Californian. It resides as close as physically possible to a Disney theme park!

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